Dear Leap Week

A few days ago, I was reading my New Years Gift Exchange partner, Lauren's, blog. She had a super cute post called "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and I loved it so much, I'm trying it out here at Ummm Now What! Thanks Lauren for being a blog genius!

Dear week with leap day, you were stinky. You were mean to me, and work was ick and I forgot to buy my train ticket and Dilly was annoying when I was sleeping. And, I had to wear a suit today to work. I am glad you are over, and I might drink a lot of wine tonight. Dear New York City in the rain, you are wet and sometimes you rain sideways and make the thighs of my pants wet. That is annoying. Dear new Coen Brothers Movie "Inside Llewyn Davis," you put more than a dozen old cars on the street outside my building yesterday.

And this morning, you put wheelbarrows full of snow and more old cars on my morning walk up West 3rd. I don't know how anyone in New York could EVER get sick of this. Its basically the coolest thing ever, movie sets are!

See those wheelbarrows? Eeek so cool!

Dear Blog, You are fun! Have you noticed you have been getting some extra attention this week? You have friends on the right side and everything! You are great and I like you a lot. Dear Sunday, I'm going to miss about half of you as I plan on sleeping to at least noon.


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