Cozy Sunday

Ever since Fiance and I moved in together in June, our weekends seem to book up super fast. In the case of this month, by the end of January, we knew what we'd be doing every weekend in March. This weekend was our only weekend at home and goodness were we lazy!

On Friday night, I had to work late so Fiance came into the city and we met a friend for dinner (mmm sushi!). And on Saturday, my little sister and I went to Brooklyn to visit my grandmother and see my parents. And then we stayed up way to late watching Lindsay Lohan's return to glory (or not) on SNL and WHOOPS we slept until noon on Sunday morning (read: afternoon). I'm glad to know our couch is cozy for sleeping!

After rousing ourselves from our coma, we met some friends at the diner for lunch. The best part about living on Long Island is the diners, my friends.

Alyssa left after lunch and then WHOOPS I might have taken a nap. Seriously, I think I have the narcolepsy.

Then, I woke up and Fiance and I watched an NCIS marathon (not NCIS Los Angeles, even though that one is my favorite because of LL Cool J. Who I l-o-v-e). And I kept crocheting my newest project, a blanket for my Nanny! I didn't get much done though because Dilly is a real pain when it comes to crocheting. See photo below for proof!

I hope your weekend was lovely! This week is going to be fun, fun, fun...details soon!

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