Reunion Dinner

Last night, after almost TWO weeks, Fiance and I got to have dinner together. Thrilled! More thrilling? He cooked it! Best future husband ever.

Things here a a little nutty this week (sometimes you have to go to the Bronx for work and take a lot of public transportation to get there) so here are some fast pictures from our Reunion Dinner. And of Dilly. Because I really like taking pictures of her and sometimes she is very funny!

That's what happens when you put food on the table for dinner. She things she is a person and that she can eat too (don't mind the AC hose in the background)!

This is the dinner fiance made us! Baked chicken, rice AND salad! Guys, we almost never have salad AND it had artichoke hearts in was a big deal here on Tuesday night!

This picture might be my most favorite picture of Dilly ever taken. Fiance came home from his last late night of work on Monday and wanted a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi (is there any better kind of Pepsi? I think not). Dilly wanted to snuggle.

This was the result. I laughed for about ten minutes, no exaggeration.

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