Midnight is Too Late & I Thought It Was a Monsoon?

Last night, I had to drive to Long Island to pick John up from work because he got a flat tire. Also his spare was flat. Seriously, who does that happen to? We didn't get home until midnight, which is too late for me generally let alone a night where I have to go to work the next day! I am old and almost murdered my alarm this morning.

Also I wore my rain boots to work today and totally did not need to. I thought that that fuzzy line on my iPhone weather meant monsoon, but my friend Mike informed me on Instagram that it means "steady winds that aren't too bad". I find those fuzzy lines to be misleading and also the wind is pretty bad outside, so I've been double lied to.

Finally, I am playing Bingo tonight in a bar. I hope very much that we get those serious Bingo playing paint pens. Wish me luck!

Wedding Wednesday: Flowers Make Me Overwhelmed

John and I have a consultation (sounds strangely medical?) with a florist on Sunday and I am wholly overwhelmed by the options for flowers.

As an aside, on Saturday we are meeting with not one but TWO priests...one from the parish where we are getting married and the one who is actually marrying us. Suddenly we seem to have a lot of wedding related appointments?

But back to flowers...have you ever typed "wedding bouquet  into the search bar on Pinterest? Or even "succulent boutonniere"? There are literally thousands of options. While not liking any of them would be problem enough I have exactly the opposite problem. I LOVE EVERYTHING. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Succulents? Super. Entire bouquets made out of Baby's Breath? In love. Pink bridal bouquets are wonderful BUT DO I LIKE WHITE AND GREEN ONES MORE?

Any and all advice on how to not burst into tears during this appointment would be greatly appreciated. What I would not appreciate however is if you comment on this post and tell me other flowers to consider. I need no more options, but I appreciate your willingness to help!

Join The Sunday Brunch!

Exciting news friends! You can now get a weekly wrap up of all the happenings here at Ummm Now What!

See that button with the pancakes over on the right side of the page? Click on it and you'll be brought to a registration page. Once you sign up and confirm via the email that you'll be sent, every Sunday at 11:00AM (prime brunch time!) you'll get an email from me with all the blog posts from the week!

I hope you'll join me every Sunday for a little brunch!

I Hope This Brightens Your Monday

Holly is the first pet my family has ever had. As such, I think we deal with her in kind of a crazy way. For example my sister, Alyssa, speaks in Holly's voice. She says things like "Hey guys" and "Dad I want a cookie!" or "I AM A MANIAC" when she runs around the house like an insane puppy.

My Mom and I also have an obsession with Holly wearing pants. We would really like her to wear pants and we don't know why but we feel that we might love her a tiny bit more if she wore them.

My Dad refuses to kiss her. He will kiss his hand and then put his hand on her head but his lips will go near her. This is in direct contrast to my Mom, who I have NEVER seen even touch someone's pet, who kisses her one million times while saying "Who does Mommy love the best?" (Note: the answer to this question is not me or Alyssa, who my Mom actually gave birth to)

And when I'm visiting my parents, I can not leave Pet Smart without purchasing her presents. I once spent $50 on a new harness/leash combo for her. And when I went home for Christmas, I bought her a lovely festive collar you see in the picture above.

All around, Holly is a pretty good puppy. We basically laugh all the time when she is around and she only smacks us with her front paws sometimes (read: whenever she wants something and we do not pay attention).

But then last weekend I got this text from Alyssa, who was still home on winter break from school. My Mom swears that Holly didn't actually pee, she just licked Alyssa's pants so much that Alyssa just thought Holly had peed.

I maintain that the fact that we are even having this conversation makes us absolutely and totally insane.

Wedding Wednesday: Intermezzo vs. Intermezzo

When planing a wedding, you learn a lot of new words. One of those words is intermezzo.

Intermezzo (n): Used throughout Europe as a way to cleanse the palate in between courses, intermezzos are usually small, light and refreshing. Sorbet is commonly used.

Intermezzo is seriously a word I had never heard (though I think there was a reference to it in The Princess Diaries?) but it is something you become mighty concerned with once you start visiting wedding venues. I don't even think I want an intermezzo but FEAR NOT if you are going to be a guest at our wedding, you will have lemon sorbet between your macaroni and main course (or is it salad and macaroni?). If you are extra nice to me, you can even have mine because I think I will definitely spill it on my dress...the bride's intermezzo must be good luck, right? Like her bouquet?

You can imagine my surprise then, when I was watching television over the weekend and saw a commercial for Intermezzo, a prescription sleep aid for people of have middle of the night insomnia.*

The only image I could find via Google of an Intermezzo pill is of a nondescript white pill. To me, this does not eliminate the possibility that a bottle of Intermezzo (the sleep aid) are pill size lemon sorbets. Can anyone give me concrete evidence that this is not the truth? If not, I would like to request that my Intermezzo (the sleep aid) be of the mint chocolate chip variety and not the lemon sorbet variety. In fact, wedding venue I would like our intermezzo (dinner course) to also be mint chocolate chip. Sorry friends, I will actually be eating my intermezzo, so no extras or good luck for you.

*This post is in no way sponsored by Intermezzo (but if you want to throw some dollars my way, Intermezzo, I won't say no). Also, I'm sorry if this post is in any way offensive to people who have insomnia. 

Sunday in the City

On Sunday, John and I went to our friend Shannon's apartment to eat barbecue from Kansas City! It was so delicious and I can't believe that the US Postal Service mails meat.

I even successfully baked in a kitchen that was not mine! See that corn cake? Made it in Shannon's kitchen! I even brought all the ingredients on the subway with me. I was pretty impressed with myself.

Also, apartments in Manhattan will never cease being cool to me. I think it has something to do with my childhood and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from my Aunts' office (in an apartment) but I l-o-v-e them. I love them even more when they have cool views!

And A New Kitten Makes Four

I know, I know, I KNOW!

Its 2013 and I have posted exactly zero times. I know this in part because my good friend Becca has been hazing me on Facebook but also because of the ache in my heart from missing all of you.

I have a perfectly good explanation for not writing in so long. Namely Christmas, New Years, my general laziness over the holiday break and also we got a new kitten.

You heard me. A baby cat. In our house. Which already had one cat (Dilly) living in it.

Friends, meet Mimosa! Mim for short, Megan if you are my friend Becca (who is playing heavily in this post already).

Mim has a mild to moderate case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) which means that her cerebellum wasn't completely formed when she was born. Basically this means that she is uncoordinated and is a little wobbly when she walks. She's extra wobbly when she is particularly excited (read: all the time because she is the happiest, most excited kitten that ever lived). She also walks on her back legs like they are skies and she loves to be held and whines like a baby if you don't pick her up. Dilly has meowed three times since we've had her and all three times where because I sat/stepped on her, so needless to say Mim's voice has taken some getting used to!

Also you can now assume that we're weird cat people because we have a three legged cat and a wobbly cat. Judge away.

An important fact to know about our adoption of Mim is that John wasn't home when we decided to get her. He was away for the weekend and two of my best friends, Stephanie and Becca (again, Becca) came with me to meet her. I had no intention of taking her home that day without John meeting her first, but I couldn't leave without her. So I, one of the most nervous people in the world, adopted a kitten alone and just hoped that it would work out.

And so far it has. Mim spent her first few days in our house in our guest bedroom except for the times when I could lock Dilly in our bedroom and rub Mim all over everything downstairs so her smell could get everywhere. This Monday we finally left them alone while we were at work and when I came home Monday night they were both still alive! That is not to say that Dilly hasn't hissed, smacked or pinned Mim over the past 12 days because she has...a lot. But last night we had a major breakthrough when Mim walked behind Dilly to the food bowls and Dilly didn't care! She turned around to look at Mim and Mim flung herself on the group preemptively because that is usually how their encounters near the food bowls go.I think she is catching on!

They don't love each other, but I'm hoping we'll get there soon. Any tips on how to make them lovey sisters faster would be greatly appreciated!