Of Miniature Landscape Design

Here we are folks, Part Deux of Kate and Lenore Take Philadelphia. MAY I PRESENT TO YOU today's installment: Of Miniature Landscape Design! 

We arrived at the Flower Show at 10:15AM, guys! That is a full three hours earlier than we arrived last year and ummm the Convention Center was already filled with uppity white elderly couples.

Have I mentioned that after the past two years places with a lot of elderly people with walkers slash wheelchairs give me anxiety? Because they do. Luckily, I was able to overlook them because the Flower Show was SO lovely.

This post is basically going to be a conglomeration of photos I took on my phone. Which is not an iPhone and I apologize in advance for the non-artsy-ness. I will also comment on these photos when I feel it is appropriate. Enjoy!

Do you like these flowers for a wedding? I believe they are too bright.

This man was performing a "how to make a bouquet" demonstration. You can't tell here, but he's wearing a headset microphone. Brittany Spears style, my friends. Please note the elderly. 

Please note that while this sign LOOKS like its for miniature landscaping its actually for the tiny, tiny flower section. The theme was Stargazing (obviously). Look how pretty! 

I loved this one! But the most important part of this picture are the words above the flowers. See that there? "Judges Comments"? This is our favorite part! They say things like "Middle flower is disproportionate to rest of piece and ruins aesthetic." Which basically means "Bitch please, you are not getting the blue ribbon". 

This was one of my favorite parts and I think that we totally missed it last year! Shadow boxes with themes! UGH they were so good! This one below won first prize and it was awesome. Doesn't it look like its real? 

I love these giant stone pots! I want one million of them in our home, but Fiance would have to lift them and they look super heavy. 

I feel like there were a lot of miniature things this year...look at those tiny flowers!

I loved this one! The stranger next to me felt the need to inform me that it is a Christmas Cactus. In case the sign next to it was unclear...thank you elderly woman!

I love that ball-y one in the middle! My Mom got a miniature terrarium to hang on the wall in our kitchen. I'm going back to PA in two weeks and I'll be sure to let you know if its still alive!

Did you know I went to Hofstra? Have I mentioned that I love love loved it? Did you know they are famous for their tulips? Needless to say I l-o-v-e-d this display! 

And now the part I KNOW everyone has been waiting for! MINIATURE LANDSCAPE DESIGN! 

There are even tiny statues! And a little wrought iron fence! I just love it so much (notice all of the exclamation points!)! 

SERIOUS QUESTION(S): Do we think my Mom and I could do this? And if we did how do we get them into the Philadelphia Flower Show? Or any competition, really? Advice please and thank you. 

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