...Annnnnd We're Back!

What can I even say?

The entire time we were planning our wedding, I couldn't see it in my head. Even though I had picked out most of the details individually, I couldn't imagine what everything would look like all smooshed together.

I had no idea about the amount of love you could physically feel in a room until last week. About what the smiles and the tears and the shouts of joy of literally everyone you love in the world feel like when they are directed at YOU. When people have flown from California and Ohio and Germany and driven from New York and Washington DC to be with you.

And now, we're married!

We still have no groceries in our house and we haven't yet unpacked our bags but we're back to work and getting ourselves back into a routine again (who am I kidding? I've mostly been snuggling with the cats and on Wednesday night I was asleep at 8:15).

Every morning when I kiss John goodbye and see his left hand I nearly explode with happiness. And I can't tell you how many times this week I've caught him just staring and his new shiny ring and looking at me. On Sunday night he asked me how long it took me to stop staring at my engagement ring and I was forced to confess that sometimes I still catch myself staring at it while I'm typing at work.

All of this rambling is basically to say I'm back! Many more posts to come...some of them wedding related and some of them not (Sidesgiving has morphed into Sidesmas this year you guys and the prep-work will be legendary).

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your well-wishes, whether they were in person or over the inter-webs. John and I feel so incredibly lucky to have all of you in our lives.

Love times one million kittens,
Mrs. Kate Legnetti-Olsen

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