Meet Me!

That's me! I like to dance.

Hello there, I'm Kate! I live with my fiance and three legged cat, Dilly, in Brooklyn, New York. I'm a recently graduated graduate student attempting to be a real-life grownup. Its not always easy, but I have the greatest family and spectacular friends who help me through.

Things I love? I'm so glad you asked!
Iced coffee
New sheets & warm towels
Dancing (see photo)
Crocheting & knitting
Tea on my couch
Happy Hour
Anderson Cooper
Post-it notes & highlighters
My Kindle
Real books
Notebooks, planners & pens
Blogs & Pinterest

Things I don't love so much?
Hot coffee (only one cup on mornings that are chilly, otherwise I get a stomach ache)
Things I have no control over
Too many people on one subway car
Lamb gyros
Toe socks