My Desk Belongs To A Child

You guys, Steph got me the best presents for manning her blog while she was on vacation. I loved them so much, that I put them on my desk at work so that I can see them every day. But after I put them there, I realized that I think my desk looks like it belongs to a child.


Those are the presents! Tiny hedgehog erasers AND cat post-it notes! They came from Epcot Japan and they are so awesome, they prompted this gchat conversation on Monday:

Me: Ugh, Stephanie I love these tiny hedgehog erasers. They make me laugh every time I look at them!
Steph: I wish we had a Japanese gift shop here.

That's basically the reason we're friends. I hope that for my wedding, she gets me a crate of hedgehog erasers. I want them all over my house!

And what makes my child-like desk even better today? Psssh the fact that today is my last day of work for the week! YES! Hooray! I'm driving to Pennsylvania tonight because me and my Mom are going to the Philadelphia Flower Show! Have you been? I told my friend we were going and she said "Oh, to pick out flowers for your wedding?"

Ummm no.

We just go because we're total dorks and think that we want to take up tiny landscape design. Have you seen this phenomenon? No? Well, don't worry I will take pictures and report back.

Might be a little quiet here on the blog until next week while I attempt to figure out if I can sustain such a hobby. And will my Mom and I each have our own tiny landscape scene or will we share one and if we share one WHERE WILL IT LIVE IN PENNSYLVANIA OR NEW YORK? I have a lot of thinking to do.

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