Embrace the Camera

Last night, Fiance and I met a friend of ours at the Stanton Street location of The Meatball Shop. I went to the Greenwich Avenue location a few months ago with friends and geeze it was so delicious. Last night did not disappoint (especially because we got seated right away and didn't have to wait two hours for a table). I will say that the Greenwich Avenue location is a little bit bigger and the service is a tiny bit better. But overall, holy crap you should walk there right now if you are in the city. And I don't mean get in a cab...walk from your location because you will eat your weight is sweet tea, meatballs and ice cream sandwiches so its a good idea for you to get some movement in ahead of time!

Here are some pictures from last night! I wanted Fiance and I to take a picture but then our train came and off we went, so its just me! Also, tomorrow is Friday! Ugh I love me some Fridays.

To order, you mark what you want with a dry erase marker. This is how I want to take orders at our wedding!

Growing your bangs out is a tedious process. They are not even that long yet, and already I feel like I am engaged in a daily battle with myself about whether or not I want to shave my head, Brittany style. And the rest of my hair is past my shoulders. I haven't gotten a haircut since September...something needs to happen! 

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