Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Miscellany

This weekend was a good one, boy oh boy! I know a weekend is going to be good when I have a 3:00 Friday meeting with my friend Teress and we get a milk tea before it. There's a great place near our office, Kung Fu Tea, and the line was literally out the door when we got there. I'd recommend getting a large milk tea, "less sugar". The "less sugar" is important, because if you don't say it there is so much sugar in it, you get a headache and will bounce around your office with the jitters.

ALSO our one of our administrative assistants ordered me the clickable version of my favorite pens. These new versions are so great and I want one million of them.

Friday night me and Stephanie had date night at a super cute Greek restaurant near her apartment. A word about Stephanie's apartment: it is the apartment I would like to live in when I am a full blown adult. Its got three bedrooms and a dishwasher and a washer AND a dryer and my most favorite thing in the world: cement floors in the kitchen. I love that apartment.

Saturday John worked the high school's Homecoming and I spent the day at Nanny's with my Mom and Alyssa. Then I went to babysit where I promptly put a three year old to sleep and then started watching Call the Midwife. Do you watch Call the Midwife? My Mom and sister have watched it for years but I never wanted to because who wants to watch a show about British midwifes in the late 1950s who ride bicycles all over the East End of London to deliver babies? EVERYONE is the answer to that question...EVERYONE should watch this show. I'm only three episodes in and its SO good! I'm now watching entirely too much television, but I say why the heck not, am I right?

Then I took my third cab ride over the Manhattan Bridge in one week...I know I say it all the time but taking a cab to my home is my actual favorite thing in the world (after Call the Midwife, guys).

On Sunday John worked again (this time with the High School Robotics Club) and I spent the day with sixteen cats. Sixteen is not an exaggeration...there were actually sixteen cats (five kittens) at our adoption event!

This is Tito and he's the coziest!

On Sunday night I returned home and then held our cats all night. It was a day full of cats AND Leo McGarry's funeral on The West Wing (I told you I was watching a lot of television). It was the saddest thing ever UNTIL I Googled it AND HE DIED IN REAL LIFE. I can't even. AND now Josh and Donna are awkward and in love? I wait six seasons for them to love each other and they're this awkward? I'm super disappointed.

I hope you're Monday isn't terrible (you know, some people have super serious distaste for Mondays). We're going to the West Coast in four days! VACATION!

Friday, October 17, 2014


Its Friday and that means that my weekly ! post is back! I love the ! posts because it means that I can use ! at the end of all my sentences and not feel bad about it!

Last weekend my brother-in-law got married and my in-laws and I took these great pictures! John isn't in any of them because he had best man duties, but the rest of us sure do clean up nice!

It rained like the end of the world on Wednesday night for about ten minutes! Luckily for nine of those minutes I was in a cab after a super fun dinner with my Aunts! Nothing in the world makes me feel more lucky than a cab ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn! Also, my aunts bough me new house moccasins! They are purple and I love them!

A week from right now we will be almost to Seattle, part one of our three part West Coast trip! I cannot wait! 

Happy weekend to you and yours! I plan on hanging out with my family on Saturday and hanging out with adoptable cats on Sunday! COME ADOPT A CAT! PetCo Unleashed! 7th Ave and Union Street in Park Slope! CATS!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Bucket List Item We Didn't Even Know We Had

In June, John and I went on a mini-vacation to Windsor, Vermont where we stayed at the Snapdragon Inn. We had pretty minimal plans for the trip: go into town, sit on the porch at the Inn and read a million books, go out to dinner.

About two weeks before we left though, I saw online that The Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival would run the same weekend we were in town. "Hot air balloons sound fun" I thought, we should probably do that.

On Saturday we accidentally got stuck in a parade while we were in town (apparently it was Homecoming weekend), ate some ice cream and went to the General Store (I know!). Then we got to the Festival and bought tickets for both days because why the heck not. We found a spot on the lawn, got totally excited to see some balloons and two hours later were on our way back to the Inn because it was too windy for them to launch.

We woke up at 5:00 on Sunday morning to get to the site for the 6:30 AM launch, drove all the way there and you guessed it! Turned around to go home because it was still too windy. Later that day we went for a hike at the Quechee Gorge (I use the word "hike" super loosely here), got back in the car and debated for a full 30 minutes about whether or not we should drive back.

"Does it look too windy?" I asked. "I don't know, what do they measure in, knots?" John said. "What does a knot equal anyway?" I asked. In the end, we braved the Balloon Festival traffic, drove over the covered bridge and arrived again in what had become "our" parking spot. We waited for a full 90 minutes and when the launched the tiny black balloon to test the wind, we all looked up and held our breath. "READY FOR LAUNCH" someone yelled and all of a sudden there were pick up trucks speeding across the field and balloons were getting laid out.

John and I both thought that when the rolled the balloons out there would be a lot of rules about how close you could be to the action. But there were NO rules! Ordinarily no rules make me super nervous, but this was so neat!

Here I am with some balloons mid-inflation, look how excited I am!

We were both looking forward to seeing the balloons, but I'm not sure that either of us really realized how incredible the whole thing was going to be. As they inflated and started launching, we just kept staring at each other, beaming and saying over and over again "This is incredible!"

You should know that what's below isn't even a quarter of the balloon pictures I have. But I'm sure there's a super scientific pictures per blog post formula, so here you are...I didn't want to overwhelm you.

Conclusion: John and I love hot air balloons. Like a lot more than we anticipated liking them. I didn't even know that "see hot air balloons" was on my Bucket List until it was over. I kind of love that.

While we love hot air balloons, we are both of the opinion that we don't think we actually want to go in one. Because its literally a tiny basket with a giant flame, and I don't like to be near anything too hot. Stay tuned for further balloon chasing...think I can convince John to take me to New Mexico next Fall to see the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta? I think the answer should be yes because its a Fiesta and John loves Mexican Food!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hey, Friends!

I'm back?

After a summer of trips, cats, tattoo getting (I know!), Happy Hours and an arthritis flare to end all arthritis flares (I have arthritis, didn't ya know? More on that later), I've returned.

Also since the end of September, I've watched a full three and a half seasons of The Good Wife on Hulu. Its been a very productive use of time and I want my eyebrows to look like Julianna Margulies' but they just won't grow that beautifully...harumph.

We've had three weddings this Fall, and we've got another two coming down the line between now and Christmas! And we're headed out to the West Coast for vacation in two weeks on a trip we've been planning so long, it feels like we're never actually going to go.

And now a new paragraph because I haven't written in months and transitions are hard for me....

I made that scarf in that picture below! Want one? I may have an option for you to get one...stay tuned!

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things here (with maybe a little re-design?) soon. I've missed you guys (Dilly and Zula have, too!).

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Two years ago John and I went to a movie theater in Long Island to see a live broadcast of This American Life. It ended terribly. So when NPR announced that RadioLoveFest would be at BAM and that This American Life was going to be there, I was more than a little excited. But then the tickets sold out. SOLD OUT. I was devastated!

BUT THEN Facebook told me that they were adding a 10:00PM show! "That is so late," I thought. "BUT IRA GLASS IN PERSON!" I screamed to myself.

And then I looked and there were still seats in the second row available! And so, with barely a second thought to the price (which honestly was fairly reasonable) I bought those tickets.

I felt confident in my purchase because unless Ira dropped dead of adorableness and/or journalistic brilliance in the middle of the performance there was basically no way we were going to have to leave halfway through like the last time.

On Saturday I was so excited that I made us get there more than an hour before the doors opened. We went across the street for a drink (because apparently we do that now?) and at 9:30 I told John we had to go in. He kept telling me that we weren't going to lose our seats because you know, they were assigned, but I was insistent.

That was a mistake though, because the good people who work at BAM had no idea how pushy NPR listeners are. They also did not have a plan to allow the 7:30PM audience out while letting us in. It was a hot mess in that lobby with a lot of pushing and mild aggression but then, we were in! And the stage was SO close! I've never sat in the second row for anything and I think I had an unrealistic understanding of what that location meant. What it means is that there is only one row between you and the stage!

Here's my thing about public radio: I love it. And I listen to it a lot: in the morning when I put my makeup on, on my walk to the subway, when I'm at work, while I cook dinner. Literally all day. I listen to it live,  John listens to it (though less than I do) and my Mom listens to it and every week we say "Did you listen to This American Life this week?" If we're in the car together on a Sunday, we listen to it.

So to see Ira Glass say "From WBEZ Chicago its This American Life...I'm Ira Glass," was a big deal! I almost died and I squeezed John's hand so hard he got mad! Ira Glass gives me mutant strength!

You basically feel like you know these people (or maybe I'm just a weirdo) and then there they are in front of you saying the words you hear them say every week!

The show was great. Philip Glass was in the opener. THE Philip Glass (who is apparently Ira's cousin). They did a musical adaptation of this story they did a year ago about a kid in Florida who fell for an undercover cop at his school who was posing as a student. He got marijuana for her and ended up arrested with pleading guilty to a felony. Mike Birbiglia was there and told a story that required a roller skating mouse and Ira being dressed up as a cat. 

There were two musical performances by Stephin Merritt. Halfway through the first song John leaned over to me and said "I think that's the guy from the Magnetic Fields" AND IT WAS. We LOVE The Magnetic Fields. Admittedly we are not die hard fans because we didn't know the name of the lead singer but they are one of the few bands John and I agree on and he was there! Needless to say I loved every single second.

This is how happy I was at the end. Also, the man behind me is an insane combination of John's step-dad and his Uncle Paul.

I've already decided what I'm seeing next year at RadioLoveFest! Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me (which was sold out this time), This American Life, The Moth and Radiolab. Mission: front row tickets next year for This American Life for me and my Mom.

In conclusion: Saturday night was the best night ever and Ira Glass you are a dreamboat.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Morning Blues

I have a major case of the blues this morning, you guys. It is pouring like the end of the world outside! So much water falling from the sky and onto my head!!!

This weekend was literally the most perfect we've had in forever. There were friends and food and a whole lot of productivity AND Ira Glass...four of my favorite things!

On Saturday Jay was in town! We had breakfast with him, Becca and Shannon at The Brooklyn Star in Williamsburg. "How do you know about restaurants in Williamsburg, Kate?" you ask. I do not. I literally Googled "Brunch in Williamsburg" and this place was the first place that came up. High five, Google! Highly recommended!

After brunch Jay had to go to work so we headed to Lowe's to get some backyard supplies. I decided to have a Birthday Barbecue this year (because I don't really like birthdays but I do like when everyone comes to our house) and our backyard needed some serious work. (The party isn't until the last weekend of June, but I thought it would take us three weeks to get it into shape).

We didn't buy these lanterns but we did buy mulch. You know who buys mulch? My parents. They buy a lot of mulch. I've never felt so married in my life.

Becca and Shannon were the best friends ever and helped us clean up the entire backyard AND our porch. John and I cleared about six bags worth of leaves last weekend (pick your leaves up in the Fall, friends. Just trust me) but we hauled out about eight more on Saturday.

We underestimated the amount of mulch we needed (amateurs) but we got more on Sunday (I know you were worried). Which means John and I went to Lowe's twice in two days. Just call us Lenore and Paul (those are my parents, in case you didn't know). Once, my Dad went to Lowe's FOUR times in one day! I can't remember what it was for (maybe cauk? Or something to do with the cabinets?). So we don't hold the record for Lowe's trips, but it was a lot for us!

Here's an in progress picture! I also got hanging plants...I love hanging plants!

On Saturday night we went to see This American Life LIVE at BAM. Obviously that will be its own blog post because guys...Ira Glass in person. And did I mention we were in the second row? AH!

Sunday was filled with a trip to Trader Joe's, John's signature breakfast burritos in our newly cleaned backyard (!!!), a trip for me to Queens to help Stephanie get boxes for her big move to Brooklyn next weekend (extra !!!!) and macaroni for dinner. Our house is extra clean, our backyard is usable again and this week is a four day work week for us! Which means Monday is actually my Tuesday so blues BE GONE!

Hope your weekend was lovely!

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Conversation with John

After a night of babysitting...

Me: I love cash.
John: I don't.
Me: How could you not love cash?
John: I don't like that when I spend it, the remainder of it turns into coins.

I had this post saved in drafts since October. When I found it I laughed for about 20 minutes. Also those are my 6 month wedding anniversary flowers! With our Furminator. Because sometimes your husband surprises you with flowers while you are Furminating your cats.

This was a really crazy post, wasn't it?

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