Friday's Letters Week Three (And Book #16)

I think I'm really starting to love this Friday's Letters tradition over at Adventures of Newlyweds. I find myself thinking about stuff that happens to me during the week in "Dear ...." terms, which is super helpful for memory making! Without further ado, this week's Friday's Letters!

Dear Spring Time in NYC, I love you. Seriously, I love you a lot. You are wonderful and you let me eat gelato for lunch and people are in the park again. I would really appreciate it if we could stay at this temperature until next Fall. Not 89 degrees, not 102 degrees with 98 percent humidity like we were last July. This temperature. OK? OK, thanks!

Dear Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, I am very glad I read you as book #16! I am more glad that I read the book instead of seeing the movie. I was thinking Extremely Loud would get five stars, but the ending didn't thrill me, so its getting a solid four. I'm also considering adding Everything is Illuminated to the 2012 list. After two September 11th books in a row though, I am spent and the next book is a big departure from the trend...stay tuned!

Dear Happy Hour, I am really excited for you tonight. Sometimes, you come after a long work week, but sometimes you come after a Memorial Service for a former colleague who was a beacon of sanity and humor in a sea of crazy. Also, sometimes you bring people together who I miss a lot and who show me that even though sometimes people you thought you'd always have turn out to be less than reliable (or really even nice to you), when the going gets tough the universe sends you people you heart a lot. Vodka cranberry? Thanks for being great.

Dear Frozen Yogurt from Swirls and Twirls, You're great and I like you. I like you even more when I eat you for dinner like I did on Wednesday. And when you have gummy bears. Wednesday was case you're counting, yes I did eat tasty frozen treats for two meals this week. What of it?

Dear Wedding Venues, Please be nice to me and Fiance this weekend. Please let us agree on a venue and pick a date. I MUST have this all situated before I attend Etsy's NYC Wedding Event, To Have and To Hold, in April!

Hope your week was fantastically fantastic! Check out more Friday's Letters here

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