I Love Weekends

Just some photos from this weekend...

On Friday night, Fiance and I went out to dinner with some friends and then out for drinks for another friend's birthday (Happy Birthday, Cindy!).

On Saturday we slept basically forever. When we woke up, I went to the gym (guys, I'm still running. Seriously, who am I?) and Fiance went to the supermarket!

He made this delicious Jamie Oliver stew for dinner. It was perfect because it was rainy and cold out and also because it was delicious!

Then we watched all the episodes of How I Met Your Mother that we missed this season. And Dilly sat on my lap!

Yesterday, we went to the Mall and bought some serious Mother's Day presents! Fiance even came into Sephora! This is what we saw in the perfume section...

Jars with scents inside! Super strange but kind of also kind of awesome?

That's me and Alyssa on line in Sephore! Please excuse my hair. I'm getting it cut on Saturday, FEAR NOT!

And we had these bad boys lit all weekend! Why do candles make everything so much more cozy?

My Mom is going to call me when she reads this and tell me to make sure that I blow them out when we leave or go to sleep. DO NOT WORRY, Mom! And yes, that is a panda who lives on our candle dish!

Also, this is how Dilly and I spent all last night. I love her too much!

I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine! Happy Monday to you! 

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