Friday's Letters

Dear Dilly, Thank you note writing is serious business. Why must you jump on the table (which you know you are not supposed to do) and lay all over my envelopes? And lick my pen? That is not helpful at all.

Also, are you starved for attention because you don't sleep with us anymore? Last night I got home and you jumped right on me and gave me kisses. You didn't even jump on the couch first, just right on my chest (ouch)! That is a Dilly first! We will snuggle more, I promise.

Dear Blockheads, you're the best on Wednesdays. Dear Co-workers, I am not even a little sorry I "accidentally" made us get the vodka lemonades with the beer. Not even one bit.

 Dear Bryant Park Yoga, you're pretty cool! You were free and there were more than 600 people doing yoga at the same time! And I got to go with my Bestie. We'll ignore the fact that the instructor told us to "stand on our heads if we want to". I'm sorry, sir. This is my first class ever...I am just working on not sliding off my mat in the 90 degree heat. Thanks for asking though!
This is the view at the end of class when you lay on your back!

Dear Running, I'm digging you. This week I ran seven miles. And tomorrow (on my 25th birthday, yeep) I'm going to run three more. Maybe four if I can. That is TEN miles. In one week. I'd say a small miracle! That was the view at the end of my run yesterday...the day I also took a yoga class for the first time (see above). Needless to say I took two Tylenol this morning.

 Dear Mirrors in My House, you're a new phenomenon to me. I've never had one, so obviously I'm now taking daily photos of my outfits. And Instagramming them, you are welcome! Also see there on the right? Those are the blinds Fiance installed in our living room! Ugh he is the best.
Leggings on the left (yes!) and my commuting flip flops on the right. Do not judge me, yes they are Crocs.
Dear Mom, thanks for this! I had to hang it on the bookshelf and not on my server where Dilly could get her grubby little paws on it (read: rip it into a million pieces with her claws). But geeze do I love it. Thanks for decorating my home.
Dear Fiance,thanks for buying me Italian ice for dinner last night after my yoga class. I'm digging you and our new neighborhood.

Dear Holly and Alyssa, I get to spend all week with you next week! And I don't have to work! It will be glorius.

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In Which Street Signs Are Important

This is the story of how Stephanie and I got a thirty pound chalkboard home to my house without the help of a man. 

On Saturday, we went to the Flea. About twenty minutes after we arrived, I stopped Fiance and Stephanie mid-stride and exclaimed "LOOK AT THAT CHALKBOARD WE HAVE TO GET IT!". And there it was, literally the chalkboard I had been wishing for. Gigantically beautiful with a wood frame and only $75!

Because I am the most indecisive person in the world though, I made Fiance tell the man who owned the chalkboard that we would be back in a little bit. So we walked around (and ate some treats) and I angst-ed. "$75 seems like a lot of money for a chalkboard," I thought. But I loooooved it and I had more than enough cash in my bag. I looked at Fiance, told him I wanted it and off we went back to the man who owned the chalkboard.

As we were talking to the man about how to hang the thing (Fiance did this part, let's not pretend I know anything about hanging anything) it dawned on me that Stephanie and I would have to get this home alone. Fiance had plans with friends in Queens at 3:00. It was 2:15 and he was scheduled to get on the subway in less than 15 minutes.

Seeing the look of terror on my face, the chalkboard man told me that the Flea does deliveries! "PHEW" I thought, "I do not have to haul this bad boy home!" He called the delivery guys who showed up and asked me where I lived. I told them, and they told me that it was going to cost $50 to have it delivered. At 9:00PM that night.

No. No, sir am I giving you $50 to put this thing in a van and walk in up four steps into my living room. $75 is totally acceptable but $125 is wholly unacceptable.

He gave me his card "in case I changed my mind" and off he went, leaving me, Fiance, Stephanie, and my new purchase. "It'll be fine," Fiance said. "Can I take it on the subway?" I asked. Stephanie thought yes, but then I realized that the entrance to the subway was not one of those happy around your hip turnstiles. NO it was one of those aggressive full body bar revolving situations. There was NO WAY this thing was getting through that. 

So Stephanie and I bid farewell to Fiance and walked out of the Flea with this receipt in hand. The plan? Oh it was simple, you see. Take the subway home, get my car, drive back to the Flea, park (ha!), get the chalkboard out of the Flea, into my car, drive home, park (ha again), and carry the chalkboard into my house.
Let's ignore how Chalkboard is spelled for now, OK? 

Now would be a good time to discuss with you how I feel about driving in my new neighborhood.

I hate it. WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE RIDE BICYCLES? And why does every child from the age of 18 months to 18 years ride a goddamn scooter? IN THE STREET WITHOUT A HELMET? The whole thing gives me immense anxiety however I managed to get me and Stephanie safely back to Fort Greene after our subway ride. Totally calmly and safely.

Until I had to look for a parking spot.

And I drove the wrong way down a one way street. There I said it.

It happened. It happened and my Grandfather, driver of all things Brooklyn, is laughing at me from heaven. Do you know what is worse than driving the wrong way down a one way street? Doing so and only realizing AFTER you have screamed at the person driving towards you to "Stay on their side of the road" that it is a one way street. And whoops, a man on a bicycle taps nicely on your window to tell you you're going the wrong way. Oh, and the car you just screamed at? It is about 50 years old with pealing paint and has four dozen balloons tied to its trunk. And then, THE DELIVERY MAN WHO YOU TOLD YOU WOULD NOT GIVE $50 TO TELLS YOU TO BACK UP AND TURN AROUND. And his face clearly told me that I should have changed my mind and called him.

Could I make this shit up?

But we did it. We got it in the car, and I drove us home and we finally found a parking spot. Did I mention the outfit Stephanie wore while helping me lug this thing home? She out dresses me always.

And then on Monday night Fiance hung it! He used a power drill and a level on his iPhone and I stood there and pretended to help, even though we both knew I wasn't helping at all.

Having a Fiance who is strong I think is having one who is weak. Because then when you try to help him lift something or hold something and you are not doing your part (because you have no upper body strength) he says things like "Is this really that heavy for you?" and then just lifts the whole thing by himself. And you feel like a sorry excuse for an empowered woman. But at the same time are thrilled because you don't really want to lift anything.

Doesn't it look great? Its on the floor now because we didn't think it was sturdy enough and Fiance wanted to buy stronger mounting (whatever that means) so now it is leaning against that wall. But the important thing to remember in this whole story is: You need to pay attention to signs because they tell you when a street is only one way. Also more important: Stephanie and I are BAMFs.

End Story.

Love You, Nora

I know I said that today I would regale you with the tale of how Stephanie and I got a thirty pound chalkboard home from Fort Greene.

But that was before my Mom emailed me and told me that Nora Ephron died. Which I would have learned myself if I had not gone to sleep at 10:02PM. But I did, so instead of finding out like the rest of the world, I found out on the F train on my way into work this morning, in an email from my Mom. And I almost started to cry even though I know crying on the subway opens your eyes up to all sorts of germs and illness (its science, people).

Nora Ephron accomplished a lot of things in her life. But when I think of her,  I think of the most important women in my life: my Mom, my sister and my Aunts. Because that is who I experienced her work with.

I know that the internet is going to be flooded with acclaim today, but I have to add my own. Seriously who didn't love You've Got Mail? I loved it. I love it. I love stories and movies about New York, especially those that make the city look like a fabulous place to live (because it is).

Mayor Bloomberg issued a statement last night that said, "From her earliest days at New York City's newspapers to her biggest Hollywood successes, Nora always loved a good New York story, and she could tell them like no one else."

I wasn't a kid who had never been to New York. My family is from Brooklyn and for as long as I can remember my Aunt and parents have been taking me to plays and restaurants, art exhibits in Central Park, parades and pre-parades (I love when they blow the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons up). But You've Got Mail is and was everything I love about New York. And Meg Ryan wore sweaters that entire movie! It just does not get any better than wearing sweaters in New York.

And Julie and Julia! I loved this movie! Potentially my favorite thing in the summer is go to the movies with my sister and Mom and eat popcorn. We are what we like to call Movie Sluts...we love basically every movie we see (even ones that get terrible reviews from everyone else). But we didn't even have to be Movie Sluts for Julie and Julia because was just that fantastic.

And Love, Loss and What I Wore! For as much as I loved her movies, holy crap this play was fantastic. We went on a beautiful, breezy, sunny New York day; me, my sister, my Mom and my Aunts. It was wonderful. Beautiful, even. And a make-up free Diane Sawyer was in the audience with us, which basically made my life.

So, thanks a lot Nora. Not only for your beautiful words, but for the memories you've given me with my family.

I hope you have beautiful built-ins filled with books in heaven, too.

Flea Food

Friends on Saturday Fiance, Stephanie and I made a glorious return to the Brooklyn Flea. Remember I went last winter and it was so incredibly incredible?

Well picture that incredible-ness but NOT cramped inside at One Hanson Place but outside with a lot of room to look at vintage eye glasses (that STILL do not look good on my face), mason jars (my fave) and knick-knacks!

It was the B-E-S-T (I am ignoring for this moment the super sexy t-shirt sunburn I'm currently rocking).

In addition to all the super cool things we looked at (and also bought, but more on that in a moment), clearly we also ate tasty treats (as my friend, Becca, would say).

And After

Pause for a moment.

Ignore that the photo below is of a delicious doughnut. I JUST REALIZED THAT THERE IS TINY LANDSCAPING IN THE BACKGROUND OF THIS PHOTO.

Guys...Fiance totally told me to buy one of those bad boys but by that point in the afternoon I was so hot and overwhelmed at the prospect of getting our purchase home (more in a moment) that I could not even focus on the succulents you are now seeing before you. And now I am kicking myself. Because Boris, my Ikea succulent (who I realize I probably should have named Sven) is still alive and doing well! So clearly I could have progressed onto one of these beauties. Ugh!

...Back to the doughnut.
Hibiscus doughnut. Because why not?

In addition to the treats, there are also lots of things to buy! Like this picture that I wanted SO badly but could not even muster up the courage to ask how much it was. Because a tiny picture in the same booth was like $200, no exaggeration. These owls (who obviously would have acquired kick ass names in my home) were probably one billion dollars.

Have I mentioned how much I want a hot dog puppy? This one was super cute and though not real, might have held off my puppy dreams for a few months, at least!

I took this for my sister who once spent more than six months exclusively watching The Music Man.

Seriously, I could spend all of our wedding account in less than two hours at the Flea. Clearly I need that giant canvas of the Statue of Liberty!

But, here is what we did purchase. Stay tuned for tomorrow for the tale of how Stephanie and I got it home
because Fiance abandoned for previous plans in Queens!

Happy Tuesday!

There Are Bars in Brooklyn

Friends, there are a lot of bars in our new neighborhood! On Friday we frequented one, The Dram Shop. We even ate food there even though their health code rating said "Grade Pending". Does that mean the Dram Shop just opened or they are getting a new grade? I don't know because we just moved to the neighborhood and frankly, I don't feel like Googling that information.

In any event, on Friday Fiance and I plus five of our friends went out and it was lovely. These are some pictures I took!

That's all for today. I promise more substantial blogging tomorrow.

PS-the rain makes me lazy, in case you couldn't tell?

And Then I Sat in the Fountain

Last night, I did something I swore to myself I would never do.

I sat in the fountain in Washington Square Park. Did you know you can sit in a fountain and not get wet? Because you can and until last night I was wholeheartedly against it. But last night I met friends and when one of them suggested sitting in the fountain I did not yell "ARE YOU CRAZY?". 

Instead, I got in the fountain. 

I have to say, it was super nice! And the sun was setting and there was a breeze and you get a tiny bit misted with water (I don't think this counts as mystery water because you know the source). And then the sun set and geeze was it beautiful! 

While this was a lovely experience, I would like to let the parents/nannies/caretakers of New York know that I DO NOT SUPPORT you allowing your children/children you are responsible for to go INTO the fountain. I don't care if they have water shoes on. I don't care if you dress them in swimsuits. I don't care if you slather sunblock on them before they get in as though this is the YMCA. It is unacceptable and you should not do it! It is dangerous (especially when you are playing Draw Something on your phone and not paying attention) and more importantly is UNSANITARY (read: icky and gross and there are PIGEONS who live in that park what is wrong with you?). 

I apologize if you are a parent who lets their children into that fountain and I offended you but seriously, the pigeons. Moving on...

When I got home, Fiance had put our second bookcase together (I love him) and then Dilly and I played Not for Cats until I went upstairs to bed. Not for Cats is a game I've been playing with Dilly since we got here and it even has a song that maybe one day I will record and post here. The basic premise is Dilly does something bad (i.e. tries to eat my computer charger, tries to sit on my laptop when I am blogging, eats my bamboo plant on the windowsill, kitty punches me with her (one) front leg because I am not paying attention to her). Then I say (or sing) "Dilly! Not for cats!" and then she keeps doing what she's doing. Clearly one of us is an idiot and it is not the cat. 

Happy Wednesday! 

I Can Only Write About What I'm Doing

...And these days, that's unpacking. Still! How did we get this much stuff? Where were we keeping all of it before our Ikea trip on Sunday? And how long is it going to be until I feel like our home is ready for people to come over?

We've made some big progress in the past two nights, so that's what I'm blogging about today! Got some decorating ideas for me? I'd love to hear 'em! Also, how do I convince Fiance that painting one entire wall in our kitchen with chalkboard paint is a good idea?

I would like to also take a moment to tell Stephanie (and my Mom) that NO this is NOT a house tour! I am not giving "the crazies on the internet a blueprint to rob me blind" (so says Stephanie).

In our bathroom...

Ugh, you can't see it in this picture, but those are towels and they say "His" and "Hers". Its our Engagement card from my Aunts and we just framed the whole thing because it was too perfect not to (Thanks Aunt Lau & Aunt Lyd!)!

This is our living room! That is our mantle...which come any holiday (starting perhaps with the Election) will be decorated to the nines. And heck yes there will be hot pink tinsel for Christmas, sorry Fiance. The mantle is not done, this picture is mostly to illustrate those pictures!

In other news, yesterday I had my one year review at my job and hooray I did not get fired (not that that was seriously a possibility) so clearly I went to DSW with Amanda on my lunch break and got these celebratory sandals. Are they crazy? They are way trendier than anything I own and I think I love them.

Our First Weekend in Brooklyn!

Our first full weekend in Brooklyn was so nice!

On Friday night the F train went express the whole way home and my goodness I should have known that was a sign! Fiance and I got take out sandwiches for dinner and we ate them on our porch (seriously where we now eat all of our meals). Then we unpacked some stuff (read: Fiance unpacked effectively and I whined for almost two hours) and then I gave up, plopped on the couch and assumed this position...because I am now in a book club with a Tuesday deadline so I'm on the reading bandwagon again.

But then I decided that it was time for bed and realized it was 10PM. Whoops, I was in bed and asleep at 10:15. On Saturday morning though, I was super productive and woke up and went for a run in Prospect Park! Because guys...I am still running! I know! 8 weeks later! This week is going to be the first week I consciously track my mile(s), so wish me luck!

When I got back from my run, we ate breakfast on the porch (obviously) and Dilly even sat with us! Until she started to be poorly behaved and she had to go back inside.

Then we took showers and got dressed. I took this picture because word on the street (my Mom) is that my sister is holding my sunglasses hostage. This is her favorite college tshirt. She is not getting it back until I see my sunglasses again! Muhahaha!

Then we brought some clothes to get washed. There is a laundromat not even half a block down from us which Fiance says is even better than having a unit in your house! Because there is a lady there who does your laundry and I am a lady who doesn't do laundry so it all works out! We dropped a bunch off to get washed, but we wanted to do a mini-load too except that we forgot we needed to bring detergent. Whoops, we are bad at this.

After laundry, we got changed and headed to the city to celebrate our friend, Ale, becoming a citizen on Friday morning! Congratulations, Ale!

Then we got home (after a painless 30 minutes people! NO Penn Station, NO driving home from the stations) and I did my nails. Then, I went to sleep.

Yesterday, we had to go to Ikea. But first we went to brunch with our friend Becca who is coming to Iceland with us and we booked our hostels.

Also, I called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day! We decided that we are celebrating Father's Day in two weeks when I go home again. Coincidentally, I ordered him a present that takes four weeks to ship, so clearly it all works out perfectly! But just in case my seven phone calls home yesterday didn't get the message through loud and clear: Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the history of the world EVER!

And then we went to Ikea. Which I hate but Fiance loves. Like seriously, l-o-v-e-s. We were walking in the door and he looked at me and said "I am just so excited, I love it here!". I do not love it there because it is hot and there are a lot of people and you have to use big wagons and did I mention the people? Also, the bathrooms are far away which is unhelpful after limeade with brunch and Vietnamese iced coffee (skim milk not condensed, guys I swear)! And we could not even get $1 ice cream cones because we had too many things to take to the car!.

End whining. 

You need a map, guys! That is a bad sign in a store!

 Slight positive of the Redhook Ikea is the view. And that they have Statue of Liberty water taxi tours? I swear that is what the woman on the loudspeaker kept saying, but I could have been delusional at that point.

This is what I look like when we start to actually retrieve our furniture (almost three hours after our arrival). Side note I need you to know that it was c-o-l-d out when we left for Ikea, I am not insane and the sweatshirt was appropriate. However I was in fact melting upon our departure. 

This is what I look like an hour later. Clearly I sent this photo to my friends via text message, you are welcome Becca and Stephanie.

These are some of the things we got. YES that is a real succulent, and YES I will try my hardest to keep it alive! Haven't you met Dilly? She lives with me and even breathes and she is going strong after almost 12 months. I think Boris (the succulent, obviously) will be fine.

And this friends, is how we drove home. I parked illegally in front of a hydrant, we unloaded and then the parking gods (read: my grandfather) smiled down on me and a car pulled out right across the street from my house! To thank them (read: my grandfather), I swung my arm around the passenger seat and backed into the spot with my hand all opened on the steering wheel...Leon style obviously. Love you Pop! 

And then Fiance picked up the laundry and I went grocery shopping. Friends, I was exhausted! But to make up for the lack of $1 ice cream cone at Ikea, Fiance bought me $4 Tasti D-Lite for dinner. He is the best.

Then we assembled some of our haul (though not all of it) and then we passed out. All in all I say a very wonderful first weekend in Brooklyn!