The Lucky Ones-Hurricane Sandy

We are the lucky ones.

Fiance, Alyssa, Dilly and I made it through the night with only a few power flickers and snacks. Though we did receive this notification on our cell phones last night accompanied by a siren ring...which was mildly terrifying.

Alyssa and I were able to venture out of our house this morning to take a walk and survey the neighborhood. Park Slope seems to have gotten away relatively unscathed...some trees down and some store awnings ripped away, but otherwise we are so lucky.

A lot of neighborhood restaurants and coffee shops are open with lines out the door (do not mess with our coffee supply) and people here, thankfully seem to be in pretty good spirits.

Fiance and I just got notified that our jobs are both cancelled for tomorrow and our phones seem to be on the fritz. I had an appointment to try on wedding dresses tomorrow but I'm guessing that's not happening! Probably a good think because we've been eating snacks since Sunday. Woops.

Hoping that you are all safe and sounds and sending good thoughts to the people who weren't as lucky as we were.

Blog Return: Here Comes SANDY!

Friends! I have returned!

My beloved Macbook was tremendously broken and for the past six weeks I've been using my tiny graduate school Dell Netbook to blog. Which was making me insane because a seven inch screen is helpful for NOTHING! But my Macbook is BACK after a painless trip to the MacOutfitters in Pennsylvania (NO lines, NO reservation, NO Roosevelt Field Mall) and a new harddrive (thanks, Mom!).

But as I make my glorious return to blogging, I cannot guarantee it will be for long because the world is ending? Like for real ending? Like work was cancelled today and we just found out its cancelled for tomorrow AND Fiance's job even closed? AND my sister is here because her college is closed and one of her bigest fears is flash flooding (I kid you not).

So here we are in our pajamas (NEW pajamas after showering because who knows when we will be able to shower again) watching A Baby Story because how many hours of the news can we watch? And we are basically waiting for the power to go out. For days, Mayor Bloomberg is telling us. I am so unexcited.

Yesterday Fiance and I went out to breakfast and ran some last minute emergency errands...

There was a 40 minute line at CVS. I think the two poor people working behind the Pharmacy counter wanted to kill everyone.

Then we did some laundry because who even knows if we had enough underwear for this situation?

Last night our landlord came over and helped us weight and tape down our garbage cans and cover our outside entrances to the basement!

And now we are waiting. This morning it was just a little rainy but now we are waiting for THE BIG ONE! Stay safe, friends!

Our Last Night in Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

Our last night in Iceland we went big and stayed at the Blue Lagoon Spa. It was definitely the priciest room we stayed in during our trip (about $300 total) but the room gets you a ticket to the public Blue Lagoon per room guest (ordinarily $40 each) and a robe (ordinarily $15 each). You are going to want that robe because there is nakedness. A lot of nakedness.

I don't have too many pictures from the public hot spring because I didn't want to bring my camera in with me and left it in our locker. This is as good a time as any I feel to explain to you how the process of getting into the spa works. I would like you to know that I knew none of this when we booked and was only alerted on via Facebook the night before we left by someone who went to Iceland in April.

This is what happens.

You drive up to the spa, park, and head on in to check in with the people at the front desk. They give you your towel, robe, and bracelet that opens your locker (its the future!). Then you separate from people in your group who are the opposite gender and you go into a locker room/bathroom.

In the bathroom you will be met with hundreds of naked people. Becca and I had such angst about this entire process, I can't even begin to tell you how stressed we were going in. FEAR NOT you yourself do not have to get naked. The rules say you do, but you can game the system and remain clothed by going into a shower stall and pretending to take a shower naked. No nakedness necessary, just don't tell anyone I told you.

Also, yes as these pictures illustrate Fiance arrived to the Lagoon in his swimsuit...Becca and I changed.

And listen up everyone. All of the signs are going to tell you to put conditioner in your hair and not to rinse it out because the water in the lagoon is terrible for your hair. LISTEN TO THE SIGNS. Even with the conditioner Becca and I looked like...well I don' know what we looked like but our hair didn't look or feel the same until we took about five showers back in Brooklyn. Try your best not to put your hair in the water, ladies! 

After you exit the bathroom moderately traumatized from all the naked tourists, you will run like hell across the deck (which you can kind of see in the picture below) and get into the Lagoon! IMMEDIATELY because it was only 50 degrees when we were there but we nearly died anyway. 

Then you float around! There is a bar where you can get drinks and clay goop to put on your face. If you're in a group steer clear of the honeymooning'll know who they are and they WILL make you uncomfortable. Maybe more uncomfortable than the nakedness you just encountered. 

A few hours later, you will have had your fill and you'll get out! And if you are lucky, your Fiance will buy you hot chocolate and sit with you even though you have a towel on your head in public! 

The deck of our room which overlooked a lava field. With moss (which Fiance decided is his favorite thing ever...moss). It was one of the most beautiful things we saw while were were there. 

After our day at the lagoon, we went out to dinner at the spa's restaurant, which was great! I want you do know that yes we did eat whale and yes it was ick. That's all I'm saying about it though because I don't know if any of you are whale activists and I don't want to offend you!

After we got back from dinner, we went in our hotel's lagoon! Which was more relaxing because there was only one naked person in the locker room on the way in (yes you still must shower) and there was hardly anyone in when we were there!

I would like to take this time to admit to you that I walked through a hotel in a bathrobe and barefoot (gag).

And that's our trip! Overall, I would highly recommend Iceland! The people are nice and they let you pay for everything with your credit card. I didn't get cash out the entire time we were there! Fiance and I have already decided that we're going to go back with our about one hundred years because I can't even imagine having a baby let alone taking it on a plane. 

A Debate Viewing Party

 Did you all watch the debate last night?

We were all pretty excited in Park Slope, let me tell you! Especially because Ashley made maple cookies...she is a wiz on the Pinterest. 

That's Hofstra's President, Stuart Rabinowitz. He's a pretty cool guy AND he has his own private bathroom in his office. Which let's face it, is my ultimate career goal. We'll forget having my own office or getting a doctorate or being my own boss. I want my own private bathroom. And I want it to be attached to my office. Rabinowitz style.

What was my sister doing while we were all eating cookies and watching from Brooklyn you may be asking? Well she was sitting with Anna Wintour, obviously. Also, sending me a million pictures and texting me her location in the Debate Hall so I could attempt to locate her on ABC/NBC/CNN/MSNBC/CSPAN. I saw her nowhere. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of the night! Cutie Brian Williams (WHO I LOVE) fading into the Hofstra Arena! I nearly died I was so excited...two of my favorite things/people on one screen!
 It was a pretty exciting night in my living room and an even more exciting night for Hofstra! If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to find a binder to throw my resume in and hope that someone gives me a promotion.


My Alma Mater is Cooler than Yours: Hofstra Hosts the Presidential Debate AGAIN

Tonight is the second of three Presidential Debates.

While the rest of the country will be tuning in to see what Mitt Romney and President Obama throw at each other, me and some of my college friends will be watching from my living room bursting with pride. Not because we like either of the candidates more than the other, but because our Alma Mater, Hofstra University, is hosting the debate...for the second election cycle in a row.

I was always proud to be a Hofstra say that I loved my time there would be an understatement. But the excitement that led up to that day was something I'll never forget. I got a message from someone I worked with at Hofstra during the last Debate, and she said it the best I think "The debate really does bring out the best in our campus".

My little sister is a Junior at Hofstra this semester and is volunteering all week. I talked to her on Sunday and she told me that she thought I was exaggerating when I told her how exciting it would be. "I am so excited and proud I feel like I could explode" I believe were her exact words. I told you so.

And last night when she told me she got selected to work as an usher tonight in the Debate Hall? Well her exact quote was "Holy crap, I might pass out."

I obviously told her that if she meets Nancy Pelosi she should burst into tears because that's Nancy's favorite...I know because whoops once I burst into tears after shaking her hand in the middle of the Debate Hall.

And in case you were wondering yes I did take a picture of my television screen when Candy Crowly was on CNN last night outside the Arena on Hofstra's Campus. And yes I did Instagram it!

 Also yes, these are all pictures from the 2008 Debate at Hofstra! Geeze we were so little! And also geeze we took so many pictures in seven days!

And also, guys look! Its Mitt in 2008! I think he was using less bronzer back then? 

So guys, enjoy tonight! Because in Brooklyn we'll be screaming our heads off and wearing our Hofstra gear! And let's all wish my sister good luck in her attempt to make a Romney son fall in love with her. Obviously it would be Tugg...New Girl anyone?


Other Things to Do in Iceland: Part Two

Sometimes when I read blogs, I struggle with vacation posts.

I think UGH favorite blogger how many pictures of you and your family/baby/friends can I look at in Florida/Italy/London etc. But now here I am inflicting the same kind of pain on YOU my beloved readers! So I'm sorry but in addition to this blog "entertaining" all of you its also keeps track of all of my memories so please BEAR WITH ME. We will eventually return to the silliness that is my life.

SO...what are some other things you can do in Iceland? I am so glad you asked!

You can go see the horses! Someone told me before I left that I had to go see them because "They are like tame dogs". Your Fiance may laugh at you for wanting to see the horses you keep driving past up close but FEAR not, you will be vindicated just like you were with the Culture House

We didn't want to spend too much time with the horses so we literally just pulled over on the side of the road on our way to something else. Half an hour was plenty of time to pet them (or not pet them if you're afraid of biting like I am) and take some pictures.

Verdict: they are in fact like tame dogs. They even came over to our side of their fence as soon as we pulled up! And they are mini! I love mini things! SEE THE HORSES! (Note: you may want to experience the sheep like we experienced these horses. Did you know sheep outnumber people in Iceland 4 to 1? I'm telling you now the sheep do not want to deal with you and they will run away as soon as you drive up).

You can also go to the hot spring, which Iceland uses for power! The water is 217 degrees Farenheit though so be careful that none of it splashes on you!

When we got there, John jumped into the (sulfur smelling) steam and exclaimed "DOES THIS MAKE ME LOOK MAGICAL?" Clearly then we had to take a bunch of magical pictures.

You can also go see these beautiful (albeit moderatel dangerous as the guard rails are minimal) waterfalls, Hraunfosser and Barnafoss!

My favorite picture of the whole trip!

You can also drive your rented car around for two hours to look at the beautiful scenery! And take super masculine photos of your Fiance, like this one here! I would recommend falling asleep on the trip back!

There you have it, friends! Things to do in Iceland! Later this week you'll be getting the last installment of our Iceland trip: THE BLUE LAGOON. How excited are you?

Other Things to Do in Iceland: Part One

Guys! Having no computer is rough on blogging. By no computer I mean no Mac computer. I have a teeny tiny net book that makes writing picture heavy posts infuriating. Slash maybe I was lazy? Who knows. Either way I am here to fill you in on some other things to do in Iceland!

Go to Hafnarfjordour, a town where you can buy a $15 map made by a "see-er" that tells you where the elves live. Seriously I know this because Fiance bought it and we walked all over that town looking for "hidden folk". We found none (obviously). 

While there are no elves, you can climb this creepy staircase to the top of an abandon house's roof to see what our guide book described as a lighthouse.

You can also observe all the houses and see many stray cats!

Speaking of cats! If you go to the park look out for our friend, Fjord! Fjord (obviously not her real name guys, we just called her that) was sitting nicely with a lady who was reading her book. Did Fjord belong to this lady in the distance? We don't know but if she did, that didn't stop us from calling her over to us! And she came!

 Isn't she majestic? We pet her for a few minutes and then we were off to climb to the top of the hill. And you guys. FJORD FOLLOWED US!

After about ten minutes, Fjord stopped to eat some leaves. Fiance and Becca went on ahead but because I was already emotionally attached to her, I waited for her to finish her snack. But then SHE GOT SICK. Vomit, you guys. So I obviously had to scream to Fiance to come fast because "SHE IS VOMITING". Becca laughed forever and Fiance told me to hurry up and leave Fjord to her vomiting. Which I did begrudgingly.  I though I would never see her again but then fifteen minutes later THERE SHE WAS!

Coming down the hill!She loved us (me)!  Eventually we had to leave her and also we felt kind of bad that maybe we had taken her from her owner? I was pretty sad, she was such a pretty kitty! I MISS YOU FJORD!

So that's Hafnarfjordour! If you see Fjord tell her I love her!

 You can also go to the giant volcano crater near the University in Bifrost!

Fair warning, you have to climb a lot of steps!

One of the coolest things about Iceland is that there is no one there once the summer ends. We were the only people at this crater, except for a University graduate student named Inca who was exercising. She was RUNNING AROUND THE CRATER. She seriously put us to shame.

 You can also leave your friend in the car to take a nap and climb this big silly hill with your Fiance!

But then Becca wakes up from her nap and takes this nice picture of you! 

That's Becca in the car!

Stay tuned for part deux!