Twitter Stalking Nicholas Kristof

Do you know Nicholas Kristof?

He's a New York Times columnist. You might know him from the book he and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, authored about women's education and empowerment throughout the world, Half the Sky

Well I kind of love him. He's a great writer, and he writes about things that I think are really, really important and for some reason I find him attractive. Not like George Clooney attractive, but handsome in a he's really smart and well spoken, and travels the world and looks nice in a suit, handsome. OK, judge away...I know you're doing it anyway.

In any event, I kind of stalk him on Twitter and on Monday night it finally paid off and I nearly died of excitement. In order for you to really understand this whole thing, its probably easiest if you see this through my tweets.

Tweet #1: Nicholas Kristof received an award with his wife at my graduation from Penn last May. He wasn't the speaker (that was cutie Denzel Washington), but he was still there and I nearly exploded when I realized he was there. Clearly, I tweeted him and hoped against hope that he would get up to accept his award, knock Amy Gutmann out of the way and say into the mic "What is UP KatieLegs?". He did not, obviously. (Note: do you know how hard it is to find a tweet you tweeted almost a year ago? Is really hard, guys)

I tweeted him a few times between last May and this month, but those were all about columns he wrote, and are not really important here. Needless to say, I never got tweeted back. OK back to the story...

Tweet #2 (for the purposes of this story): At the beginning of the month, I got an email that he was going to be at my job giving a lecture. Clearly I RSVP'ed immediately and Fiance said he would come so hooray, date night in the city! We got tickets! And I tweeted this!

Tweet #3: Great, super, I am SO excited to see him. But Monday was totally gross at work. But I was still so excited and I tweeted this!

Tweet #4: And then, Fiance and I were late to the lecture. Because I locked my keys in my office with our tickets, and I don't even want to talk about it because I cried in front of my building's security guard. It was awful. So we couldn't get in to see him in person because the auditorium was full, but we did get to see the simulcast of him next door to the auditorium, which was still cool I guess. The lecture was great, and because I twitter stalk him, I tweeted during it. And this is what I tweeted.

Tweet #5: And I expected RADIO SILENCE from him because you know, that's how our relationship works. I see Nicholas Kristof someplace, or read one of his columns, and I tweet him and then he ignores me, because he legitimately busy in Uganda or Cambodia or Pakistan buying women back from brothels and fighting with The Village Voice. And I was totally OK with how that was going. BUT THEN NICHOLAS KRISTOF MADE MY LIFE and guess what he did? HE REPLIED TO MY TWEET!
Died. I died over my second mug of beer at the Japanese restaurant Fiance and I were at with friends (just so you know, that is too much beer on a Monday).

Died. I died and called my Mom who is basically the only other person I know who loves him (note: she does not find him attractive). And we yelled. And I glowed the whole way home and basically all day Tuesday and even still a little bit this morning.

So Nicholas Kristof, thanks for being super freaking awesome. I promise I will never guilt you into tweeting me again (maybe)!

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