A Nick Kristof Follow-Up

Since its Friday, today's post was supposed to be Friday's Letters. But it cannot be, because I have to share with you the Nicholas Kristof Follow-Up! Because I would be a terrible blogger if I did not and people have already sent me e-mails with messages like "Ummm, why are you not posting the update?". So fear not friends, here it is (please note that I am fully aware of how totally silly this whole thing is/how nuts it makes me seem).

When I posted the original story on Wednesday, I tweeted it with a link to the blog (which I always do...do you follow me on twitter?).

And then I went about my day and my boss called from his office on the fourth floor.

And we were talking, talking, talking and because I was multitasking, I was also checking my email. And my email told me that Nicholas Kristoff tweeted me back. And I screamed. Screamed into my boss' ear and then had to explain  the whole story to him. I'm not totally sure he understood what I was saying because I was yelling and laughing so much...I'm also not sure why he didn't just hang up on me, because if I were him I totally would have.

And then I realized (thanks to my office mate, Amanda), that I had not only proclaimed my love of him in my post but I ALSO explained that I find him attractive. Awesome, Kate. Super awkward, geeze. But I composed myself and I tweeted a totally dignified response.

And then later that day, Half the Sky tweeted me. And I totally became that crazy girl. Please note that I will NOT be tweeting this post to him. Because goodness that would be too much!

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