2015: The Year I Do Whatever I Feel Like Doing (Tinted Eyebrows Edition)

A few Fridays ago, I stopped at my neighborhood threading salon to get my eyebrows done before the weekend. I had let them grow in because apparently natural brows are in this year, and if its one thing my Italian ancestors gave me, its "natural" brows. 

WELL the nice lady did a beautiful job (after telling me that I should have never waited as long as I did to come in) and then she told me I needed to tint them. Ten minutes, $15 and they would last for a week. "Will I have eyebrows like Kim Kardashian? Or Julianna Margulies?" I asked. "Meh," she said "I think they'll look great". 

I hesitated but then I remembered that I decided 2015 would be the year I did whatever the heck I feel like. So I said yes, and five minutes later this is the picture I sent John, who was on a trip with his friends. Needless to say, he was concerned. 

Did I mention I'm also growing my hair out? Its rough in the appearance department these days, friends. 

Here's the result! I'm almost three weeks in and I think I love them? I haven't penciled my eyebrows in since I got them tinted, so I've saved I think at least 15 minutes (I don't take a lot of time with my makeup). Frankly, I'd like them to be a little darker than they are, but I think I have to trust the professionals on this one.

You're welcome for this picture of me.

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