New Year Gift Exchange and Link Up

Meet my new friend and Los Angeles resident, Lauren!

A few weeks ago, I read about a gift exchange on a blog I read and I decided that I definitely wanted to participate. I'm not really a "send a stranger a gift" type of gal but I figured why not? A week after submitting my information (to yet another stranger) I got an email with Lauren's information and we started emailing. Lauren blogs over at and I would definitely suggest that you all click on over.

Ways Lauren and I are alike:
1. We both love us some Happy Hour
2. We both want Mindy Kaling to be our best friend (seriously she sounds awesome)
3. She got a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and holy crap do I want one (its one of the main reasons I'm excited to get married)
4. She loves to read

Ways Lauren and I are not alike:
1. She is running a marathon in March...I am not
2. She actually uses her Kitchen Aid mixer whereas I am basically sure I would just look at it and pretend to use it

Clearly (refer to above list) we have more alike that not alike, so I'd say that this was a pretty successful meet a stranger endeavor! Not to mention the totally awesome package I received (I didn't even tell her my love of Pez dispensers but I got one anyway!)

That is a bag of bath salts! And a container of glittery puddy! And post-its! And a cutey watch, which I am wearing today. Best package ever.

Lesson learned: getting paired with a stranger sounds real strange but sometimes it works out! 

Lauren will absolutely be receiving a RUN LIKE THE WIND package in March. In the meantime though, you should all seriously check out her blog.

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