Family Christmas Brunch

For the past few years, my Aunts have hosted Family Christmas Brunch at The Friars and its one of my favorite days of the year. Holidays get increasingly complicated when you get married, it seems (we're headed to Albany this year) so it was so nice to see everyone in one place.

This is less of a post and more of a glorified photo dump. Sorry in advance if you don't come here to see pictures of my cute family.

I love this picture so much. Its a good thing they didn't both have their Vitas, otherwise they would have been cooperatively killing a dragon like they were at Thanksgiving.

Alexander is all about the selfies.

Two and a half year old babies are no joke in the lifting department!

Me and my godmother! Selfies forever Aunt Lau...selfies forever. My red cheeks are courtesy of some apple that was in a drink I had. Conclusion: I am actually allergic and should stop eating them (not shown: my bloodshot eyes 20 minutes later).

Alyssa is Jonathan's absolute favorite. Sometimes he just sits in a group of people and yells "ALYSSA!" This picture is after Alyssa chased him all over the place, including up two flights of stairs. She was not impressed and he was not tired.

Alyssa's birthday was the day before (23!) so we had ice cream birthday cake for her! According to her, it had the "perfect combination of cake and ice cream!".

See you next year, Friars!

My Mom is not in any of these pictures because she took basically all of them. Mission next year: take the phone away from my Mom. 

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