Best Twin Ever!

Have I ever told you about my Twin, Tammy?

We're not actually twins, but a long time ago, before we were really friends, we had to take a trip to Washington DC together for school. And we went shopping with a group of girls to H&M and we bought the same dress. TWINS WERE BORN and then we decided we were basically soul mates and here we are four years later.

Also, I'd like you to know that this is one of the only pictures I could find of us because Twin took literally thousands of pictures in college and then we graduated and she took them all off of  Facebook. It was really traumatic for all of us! This picture is from Happy Hour two years ago and thankfully I documented it for posterity.

Anyway, after Twin graduated she moved back to California and now we write letters and video chat when Stephanie and I are together. I have pictures from when we video chatted a few weeks ago, but because I am an awesome twin, I will not post them! (They are not attractive)

Twin is basically a party planning genius. When we were in college she planned our formals, and her family owns a flower shop, so she is super knowledgeable about centerpieces and she knows all about colors and cake and wedding trends and EVERYTHING! But she lives in California so instead of coming places with me, she sends me emails with wedding photography and super helpful power point presentations. Seriously she is the best.

AND THEN on Friday I came home to the MOST EXCELLENT package anyone has ever sent me in the history of my life.

Right? Best package ever! She sent Stephanie 8 bags of Mini Eggs and me a whole lotta wedding ideas! And a pen with a giant pink flower on it that I used this weekend and embarrassed Fiance with! AND a beautiful wedding binder and THE BEST wedding post its that I can't even post because I love them so much and am concerned that if I post them you will run out and buy all of them and there will no more for me!

Thankfully, Twin provided me with some major wedding inspiration so that when my alarm clock went off at 7:30am on Saturday morning, I was ready to drive to Pennsylvania for John and Kate attempt to find a location for their wedding PART DEUX!

Do we have a date? No. Do we have a venue? Nope. BUT we have it narrowed down to TWO totally awesome venues and we're like leaps and bounds ahead of where we were a week ago. So hooray PROGRESS!

And, we got to play Bananagrams AND Holly came for a ride with us to our wedding venues yesterday!

Please notice that I spelled "Bait" incorrectly. Clearly, Banagrams is not a good game for me. 

Guys, I am growing my bangs out and it is taking FOREVER!

Successful weekend, I'd say AND tonight I get to see Nicholas Kristof AND eat sushi with our friends, one of whom is on tour with a band (this is what he does people, live on a bus!) and appeared in NYC for two days. Best surprise ever!

Happy Monday to YOU!

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