Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday night, me, Steph and my sister went to see Beauty and the Beast at Fiance's job.

And guys, I know I said it was a High School musical production of it and that that probably made you think it was going to be mehh OK. But alas! It was excellent! Not Broadway excellent, but excellent enough that the kids got a standing ovation after Be Our Guest and I cried a little at the end when they were all people again! And it was sold out, which Fiance was thrilled about AND I got to meet some of the kids Fiance works with every day. And ummm some of them wanted to take a picture with me. Which made me feel like they doubted that I existed AND that I was real old. Thanks, high school students! 

After the play, we were very hungry so we went to the Diner (which is what you do on Long Island, duh).  I got a BLT and it was delicious.

I woke up at a time acceptable for real people on Saturday and I went to the gym. The gym on a Saturday morning is basically unheard of in our house but I went! And after the gym I even went food shopping...I was super productive!

When I got home, Fiance still had three hours until he had to be at work for the Saturday show (did I mention I saw him not at all last week?) so we got to eat lunch together, which is my favorite! He made turkey burgers and they were also delicious! I ate a lot of sandwiches this weekend, can you tell?

And then Fiance had  to go to work, and I laid on the couch with Dilly and read my book until like 6pm. Guys, I finished a book on Friday and finished another one yesterday. Reviews coming tomorrow...I am a machine!

That's the Snuggie that the kids at work got Fiance for his birthday. That's right its zebra print...its super cozy!

Saturday night I went to the movies to see Friends with Kids with some friends (who have no kids...I am a joke-ster!).

It was great! I thought it definitely would have been #1 at the Box Office, but clearly I am not up on movie trends as something called 21 Jumpstreet also came out this weekend and apparently that was #1. And I think The Lorax was #2. All of this to say, I think Friends with Kid got a raw deal and you should go see it because we all loved it. I don't have any pictures from the movies because you're basically not even allowed to take your phone out before the movie starts without people judging you. Haters.

Yesterday, it was b-e-a-utiful outside and my sister and I went to Brooklyn to visit my Grandmother and to see my parents who were visiting too!

That's me driving! See the window is down? I love me some springtime!

Holly also came to Nanny's yesterday (with my parents, people she did not drive herself) and she is super goofy in her cone head. She wasn't crying though and she even ran around a bit, so she is definitely on the mend! I think the cone is making her self conscious, though and one of her little legs is shaved. Poor puppy!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you are getting outside today if you live in NYC! It is definitely time for some margaritas outside!

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