Memorial Day Weekend & Frozen Coke!

Was this not the rainest Memorial Day Weekend ever? Ugh it was so rainy in Connecticut, which is where we spent the holiday with my parents, sister and Aunts. I drove John's car the whole 200 miles there and made race car noises in my head the whole way. It is such a zippy little car compared to my SUV!

I wore my new hot pink pants in an attempt to combat the rain.

We celebrated Aunt Lydia's birthday with my Mom's carrot cake. Do you know that carrot cakes require shredded carrots that you shred with the cheese grater but not the shredded carrots that come pre-shredded in bags in the supermarket? Me either. I guess the cheese grater shreds the thinner? Who knows?

We also went to Target (my favorite) where my Mom bought me three pairs of summer sandals. Married ladies, does your Mom stop buying you sandals when you get married? I hope not because seriously these are some super cute sandals.

Also the Connecticut Target has frozen Coke! And when you add the Cherry flavor, you get frozen Cherry Coke. John got an acceptable tiny size...I got a gigantic one because seriously, don't mess with me and frozen Coke.

We also ate fajitas for dinner! Seriously is there a more summery meal than fajitas? Also fajitas come with so many accessories you need a bigger table.

Hope your Memorial Day was lovely and that this work week is going quickly for you! 

Wedding Wednesday: We Are Registered!

Three weeks ago, John and I finally got our butts to Macy's and registered. We didn't just go to any Macy's though. We went to THE Macy's...the one at Herald Square. Go big or go home, am I right?

We got a super fancy (100 year old?) wedding consultant, Fran, who got us all set up and showed us how to use our scanner. She also gave us a ton of brochures and forms. SO MUCH PAPER!

Note to all of you who might got to Herald Square to register: the scanner doesn't always work in the cellar, which is where basically all your "everyday stuff" is located. The below picture of me is from after we returned back to the 5th floor from the cellar because our scanner wouldn't scan the teapot I wanted.

What no one tells you about registering is that it is absolutely exhausting. This is a super first world-y complaint, but it is hard to decide the things you like enough to use the rest of your life! Or at least until you buy more stuff!

I basically gave up at this point. We were three hours in at this point and had just arrived at pots and pans. John started picking everything up and "testing" it, making sizzling noises as he picked everything up we walked past.

We left Herald Square feeling pretty proud of ourselves. While we were giving our scanner back and asking about the colors our plates came in (seriously we were suddenly 50 years old) Fran said to me "Ummm someone has already bought you something?".

Friends, when you document your registering experience in real time on Instagram, one of your Bridesmaids may or may not purchase you the Kate Spade vase you registered for seriously three minutes ago. Everyone needs a Bridesmaid like Bridget.

Despite our success at Macy's, we did need another round at Bed Bath and Beyond three weeks later. Thankfully my Mom came with us that time and she kept us on task (so much so that I have no pictures from that day!). But we did get chased around (I kid you not) by an employee in the candle section who was basically screaming at me about what tart warmer I should register for. I wanted to yell back "I DON'T REALLY WANT A TART WARMER FOR MY LIVING ROOM, BUT YOU HAVE SUCH STRONG OPINIONS ABOUT IT THAT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I AM INCORRECT AND BY THE WAY COULD YOU USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE?"

And finally friends, this guy was in the pan section. He did what I wanted to do in the pots and pan section...accept defeat and lay amongst the products, hoping that a nice lady will pick up up and save you from the options.

There is Nothing Worse than Cats in the Summer

Seriously, cats go through a terrible transformation in the summer.

When it is not the summer, this is what cats are like.

They are super cozy and adorable.

They shed sometimes, but its pretty manageable with a vacuum cleaner and some vigorous petting to dislodge any fur that has to come out (you then vacuum it up).

But then it starts to get a tad bit warm and a little bit muggy and BAM cat shedding becomes TOO MUCH and your home looks like you have 100 cats with baldness issues and not two slightly handicapped ones.

Am I right cat owners? Your cats are basically leaving a wake of their own fur anywhere they walk (or in Mim's case, pull themselves).

Thankfully when we first got Dilly my Aunts, (Dilly's great Aunts) sent us a Furminator. Do you know it? Its way more money than a cat brush should be (one of the reasons we can't thank them enough for it) but seriously it is a miracle product.

Here's what happens. You brush your cat the slightly intimidating tool. If you're Dilly's Mom, you chase her around the downstairs of your house while she runs away from you and brush her when you catch up to her. The brush totally takes out their undercoat which is a thing I didn't even know cats had until Dilly came to live with us.

Cat shedding maitenence is especially important if you live with someone who has cat allergies. THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS. John is allergic to cats. And we have TWO. And he's the one who wanted them. I know, the man loves cats...he's even getting allergy shots, but allergy shots are no match for cats in the summer.

This is what you get after 20 minutes of Furminating. Its disgusting but it is totally worth it.

I just proof read this post and realized it sounds like a sponsored post. The Furminator in no way sponsored this post. That is how much of a crazy cat lady I am. You're welcome, Furminator.

Hooky Day with Your Aunts

Sometimes, on a beautiful first day of Spring it is important to take a (previously scheduled) hooky day off from work. This is especially advisable if your Aunts and Fiance can also play hooky and spend the day with you!

Here are the steps to take to make sure you have a proper hooky day: 

1. Have a bagel on the subway 

2. Get off the subway at Columbus Circle and marvel and the fact that you are hardly EVER in Columbus Circle! 

3. See a one woman show! Though I'm pretty sure Ann counted as a one woman + one voice show? Thoughts from people who have seen it? 

4. Exit Lincoln Center and happen upon the set up for the premier of The Great Gatsby (I do not understand the hype, friends. I just do not understand the hype). 

5. Eat an obscene amount of guacamole. Seriously is there a better food than guacamole? I think not. 

6. Take the long walk back to the subway and Columbus Circle and marvel at how lucky you are. 

My First Book Signing: Someday, Someday, Maybe

Two weeks ago (I KNOW FAIL BLOGGING) I went to my very first book signing with my friend, Ashley! We saw Lauren Graham, who wrote a book called Someday, Someday, Maybe. And guys, Anna Quindlen was the moderator. My Mom LOVES Anna Quindlen. It was a pretty exciting night!

We were one of the last people they let in, so we stood in the back, but we were beyond thrilled!

When she was done speaking, we waited on line for her to sign our books. The girls behind us were kind of weird and they kept spouting out random Lauren Graham facts. Such as, did you know she only has half siblings? So say the girls behind us.

I asked Ashley if she would support me if I broke out into the Gilmore Girls theme song as I approached the table. You know the song, the one me and my Mom sang every week at the beginning of the show? Ashley said she wouldn't, so I chickened out, but it would have been epic.


Anna Quindlen was also signing books so obviously I got a copy of her new memoir for my Mom. No one was asking her to sign anything though, so when I went up to her I had to interrupt her conversation so that she could sign my book. It was super awkward but also super awesome!

I haven't started Someday, Someday, Maybe yet (I've got a serious book queue going on) but I'll let you know when I do!

Best Friends Forever: Mim and Holly

Last weekend, John and I headed to Pennsylvania on Saturday morning for our tasting at our venue and for our Pre-Nuptial Investigation with the Parish Priest (terrifying, I know). Everything went really well...we're thrilled with the food, and the church said that because we've never been married before and since we're not related by birth or adoption we can in fact get married in November!

All of this was pretty exciting but nothing was as exciting as the newly discovered love between Holly and Mim!

Here's how their relationship goes: we put Mim on the floor and Holly runs around her/licks her/pushes her around with her nose for as long as we let her.

Sometimes Mim ignores her and just lays there but other times she bats Holly's nose and purs like a crazily happy cat. Eventually though she gets punchy and then its time for her to go back upstairs to her prison (read: my bedroom). You should know that Holly does not accept her removal and chases me up the stairs. Once Mim is back in prison, she realizes how much she misses and loves Holly and then she puts her tiny kitty paws under the door and cries while Holly loses her mind in the hallway. This is how you spend an entire weekend!

Occasionally, John gets the idea in his head that Mim needs to experience grass and so he takes Mim and Holly into the backyard. Adorableness ensues!

You should know that when you pick Mim up after play time, she is literally wet from Holly kisses. Its both disgusting and adorably cute.

Happy Hump Day! 

A Conversation with My Mom

Me: "I started a book yesterday afternoon on my way home from work and I only have 40 pages of it left"

Mom: "What is it called?"

Me: "I Am Not Myself These Days"

Mom: "What's it about?"

Me: "A retired drag queen"

Mom: "A retired dry cleaner?"

Me: "No, Mom. Not even a little bit close. I'm going to put this on the blog tomorrow, OK?"