In Which I Drive through Every Traffic Circle in the Tristate Area...Incorrectly

As promised, this weekend was lovely!

On Saturday morning John and I woke up early and had breakfast together. Mim and Dilly met their cat sitter, and if I do say so myself they were wonderfully behaved and terribly charming. She didn't even flinch when we told her that we put Mim in the litterbox OR that we make her soup for dinner (dry food+warm water...seriously girlfriend loves it). So check that off the wedding to-do list, thank God.

That afternoon I went to a bridal shower for my friend, Marni, who is getting married two weeks before me and John. It was such a nice afternoon and I drank too many glasses of bubbles, whoops! I took me a full two hours to get home from the Upper East Side thanks so the 6 train not going downtown at 77th street. I hate the 6 train generally but I hate it even more when it isn't going in the direction I need it to go.

On Saturday night, my in-laws and I went to see the production of Les Miserables that John has been working on for the past month. I have a picture of him in the booth, but he told me I can't put it on the blog so this picture of the program will have to do. The show was wonderful, but I sure am glad to have him home on the weekends again! Also Saturday night I had very vivid dreams of the French Revolution with music.

On Sunday I drove through every traffic circle in America (or so it felt like) with Teress to go visit Amanda and Baby Violet (and Rob!)! Seriously there were so many traffic circles and I drove through every single one of them incorrectly. On the way to pick up Teress through Grand Army Plaza, the two on the way to Amanda, the one on the way back to Teress' apartment and then again on my way home. Words of wisdom: every single traffic circle+a U-turn will get you to your destination!

Our visit to Baby Violet was positively lovely (she is so squishy and I miss Amanda terribly!) AND we stopped at the Trader Joe's near Amanda's house on the way home.

Guys. I had never been grocery shopping at a Trader Joe's, I've only ever been to the wine store in Union Square.

Have you ever been to a Trader Joe's? I l-o-v-e it there! I bought pumpkins and wine and cereal and frozen burritos and tom kha soup and a giant bag of frozen peas and chicken plus beer and wine...all in one store! Can you imagine? I may brave the Trader Joe's in Brooklyn after today's experience although people say its pretty intense so I may need to psych myself up for it.

Dilly is especially loving my pumpkin purchase!

Hope your weekend was lovely!

Tiny Jewlery and It is FRIDAY!

Guys. Let's talk about these tiny rings for a second, OK?

I love them. My sister says I am too old for them. Am I too old for them? A more important question: when I wear them do people think "That girl has chubby fingers and her rings are too small!"? I would be OK with them thinking "She sure is trying too hard," but chubby fingers is too insulting for me to handle. 

Our weekend is looking pretty busy and its starting tomorrow morning with a visit from a potential cat sitter! I realized a few weeks ago that we'll need someone to come look after Dilly and Mim during the wedding (i.e. putting Mim in the litterbox) and that literally all of our friends will be in Pennsylvania with us! We think we've found a cat sitter through Dilly and Mim's foster Mom and she's coming to meet them! I hope she doesn't take one look at our litterbox routine with Mim and think we are nutty! 

Other than that, I've got a Bridal Shower and a visit with my in-laws and a trip to New Jersey with Teress to see Baby Violet! 

Hope you're weekend is wonderful! xxo

Funkity, Funk, Funk, Funk!

You guys. I have been in the funkiest blog funk of all funks.

Work is hard this semester. My coworker/friend had a baby (what's shakin, Baby Violet? You are cute and I will squish your face this weekend) and is out until December. Needless to say, things are a little bit hectic at the office and when I get home, the thought of looking at my computer screen some more can make me homicidal.

But it is beautifully Autumn-y this week and I just gave Mim a bath with some vanilla scented shampoo so back on the blogging horse we go!

A ton of stuff has been going on in the past few weeks including my first dress fitting (holy shit we're really getting married), the Color Run with my cousins, The New York City Mayoral Primary AND the return of good television.

7 weeks til I'm a Mrs. friends...welcome back!