Embrace the Camera: Holly's Lady Surgery

That's me and Holly over my long weekend at my parents' last week.

How cute is she? She is totally unimpressed with my desire to take pictures with her always, but still adorable! I would like you to know that I had one million more of these but I only posted these (Photobooth is a terrible thing if you have cozy pets). You're welcome.

That's Holly yesterday!She is so sad because she got her Lady Surgery yesterday (I don't like the actual word for it ICK!). My Mom sent me this picture with this text message "Your puppy sister is sad. She misses her ovaries."

HOW SAD does she look? And then I called my Mom last night and I could hear her crying! Seriously. I cannot deal and am distraught. She can't even sleep in her crate because of that cone. I told me Mom (and bet my Dad $20) that FAT CHANCE they are never getting her to sleep in there again.

I have to go now because I can't keep looking at this picture because its making me super upset. But I would just like to say that I might have to start calling Embrace the Camera "Kate poses with various cuddly animals". I'm only a little sorry (and by a little I mean not at all).

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