Thursday Morning at Holly's House

And by Holly's house, I mean my parents' house.

This morning I woke up and my Mom asked me to take Holly for a walk in the backyard. Based on that sentence, I don't want you to assume that we have a very big backyard. But you should assume that Holly has not yet mastered the art of walking on her leash and often gets tangled, necessitating that you pick her up and untangle her 800 times. So we went for a "walk" in the backyard. But not before she squirmed the whole way out the door (did I mention that she can't go down steps so you have to carry her?) and I stepped in her water bowl. Graceful, Kate...way to go.

After our "walk" we went back inside and I suddenly thought it would be a BRILLIANT idea to eat breakfast outside and let her run around for a little bit. Because it is beautiful outside today and because I love nothing more than iced coffee outside in the spring (seriously, I was totally one of those weirdos in college who sat on the quad and looked up at the sun. Its legit my favorite).

So I got my breakfast together, I went upstairs and got my book (which I don't even want to talk about because I am so far behind in this 100 books thing), put Holly back on her leash and off we went in the wild blue yonder!

Gosh, that looks so peaceful right? I know what you're thinking! KATE where is the iced coffee you were so excited about? I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED! Holly knocked it over with her leash (seriously, she's a mess) and it got all over my feet. So lets review: it is 10am and my feet have been soaked with a beverage TWICE already. Geeze.

I contemplated making another iced coffee, but decided to admit defeat and wait until we went back inside and I could keep it on the table away from Holly.

So I ate my yogurt and read my book, and Holly did this for 45 minutes:

That's her chewing on a stick. Dogs are strange.

I have to go take a shower because my Mom and I are leaving for our excursion to Philadelphia in a few hours. Has anyone given any consideration to miniature landscape design?

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