Reasons to Love New York AND Embrace the Camera: Spring Has Sprung

This is an extra special post you guys! Its a Reason to Love New York AND an Embrace the Camera and it is brought to you by Spring in New York City!

My work friends Amanda, Stacie and I went to get gelato on Tuesday for the first day of spring at Grom. Have you been? Geeze it is great and I got a cone even though I am fundamentally opposed to them. We'll ignore the fact that my gelato fell off and I caught it in my hand, thus proving that cones are bad news (cough, cough Amanda)

And then it was so beautiful on my walk home that I had to be a super dork and take a picture. Washington Square Park, I really love you a lot. Especially now that you're almost done being renovated and I can always find a bench...even if it is near the smelly new mulch (ew).

Hope Spring is shaping up for you wonderfully!

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