Impress-Your-Semi-Serious-Boyfriend Ice Cream Sandwiches

Friends, I am not what one would call a skilled chef. I can make a few things (chicken cutlets, grilled cheese, trifle among them) really well. But I am not one of those "I had a few ingredients so I threw together a soufflé" kind of gal.

But a few summers ago I lived with Fiance (then simply my semi serious boyfriend) I made us these ice cream sandwiches. And they must have made an impact, because this weekend he asked me to make them again. So I present to you, the easiest (and cheapest) Impress-Your-Semi-Serious-Boyfriend Iice Cream Sandwiches.


All of these photos are courtesy of this blog's official photographer, Steph 

1. Graham Crackers-I would recommend the chocolate version, though I guess if you prefer extra blandness in your dessert you could go with the original flavor
2. Cool Whip-Fiance and I went for the generic Stop and Shop version as it was on sale for basically no dollars
3. Plastic Wrap (not pictured)


1. Open ingredients and lay out on counter
2. Put (approximately) one teaspoon of Cool Whip on one half of a cracker

3. Put other half of graham cracker on top and smoosh together

4. Wrap smooshy sandwich in plastic wrap

5. Repeat until you have this many sandwiches. One tub of Cool Whip makes approximately one dozen sandwiches.
6. Freeze until Cool Whip is hard (at least three hours)
7. Watch your Fiance eat them two at a time 

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