Sidesmas 2013

Sidesmas 2013 was a huge success if I do say so myself (which I will!).

We cooked all day that Saturday and I think it was my most successful use of the oven yet. I made stuffed mushrooms, brussel sprouts, mashed potato pie and cranberry sauce. John made delicious macaroni and cheese (which is always so labor intensive and involves like eight different cheeses) and set up our entire house with all our rented tables and chairs.

We thought that this year we were going to have smaller tables and a buffet situation with the food, but I really do love the whole big table thing, so we stuck with that for another year!

This year I even got hostess gifts! It was a pretty exciting moment. Abbie got us a the best peppermint candle in the history of peppermint candles and Becca and Shannon got us this beautiful picture that Shannon took on our wedding day. Needless to say I burst into tears.

Dave wore this really awesome sweatshirt and Jared put all of our leftovers together as per usual. He seriously has a gift for tupperware and Ziploc bags!

And after dinner per Sidesmas/giving tradition, Brian hosted the Newlywed Game which Becca and I royally lost. Becca and Stephanie won, but we're all pretty sure there was some major cheating happening. Sorry guys, I said it.

How good does Brian look all dressed up for his hosting duties? He really came through, considering he was majorly sick and had nearly no voice. What a guy!

Did I mention it was snowing that night? Like really seriously snowing. We thought for the whole day that people were going to start calling one by one to tell us they weren't coming. But everyone came. Every last person walked up to our front door, came inside and took of their shoes. I think this pile is a pretty good visual representation of my happy place.

Until next year, Sidesgiving!

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