The Philadelphia Flower Show 2014

A few weeks ago was one of my FAVORITE events of the year! The Philadelphia Flower Show!  YEEP!

Once again, the snow thought it could mess with us but we once again prevailed, slipping and sliding our way to Philadelphia and then into the Convention Center. Take that winter!

The theme of this year's show was Articulture (like art + horticulture) which I wasn't thrilled with. But I think that's only because last year the theme was England and I just loved it so much. 2014 had a lot to live up to.

After seeing this contraption, I think I'm now afraid of things hanging from ceilings. Seriously how heavy must that be and I don't see nearly enough ropes/wires holding it up. Terrifying.

The Flower Show is much more enjoyable when you aren't planning a wedding, I must say. For the past two years, I've spent the entire show thinking "Pinks? Blues? Succulents? What is this flower I have never seen it before but do I want it to be a central focus in the table centerpieces". Seriously, it was the worst.

But this year I was like "Hey! Look at this giant ball of red flowers! Its so cool and I have no event that I want it to be at!" It was wonderful.

I loved everything about this landscape. Would a chest of drawers filled with plants be super weird to have in my living room? Or just a little weird?

This year, we even watched a full segment in the Designer's Studio. In our defense, we originally sat down to have a soft pretzel (I was starving after our harrowing journey in the snow) and then we got totally roped into this competition among these three floral designers. It was like Top Chef but with flowers and less sweating. I loved it!

Isn't this incredible? I especially liked this one because the person took the time to make nice number signs.

This bonsai tree is as old as I am! Isn't that crazy? CRAZIER is that next to this one, there was a 100 year old bonsai tree. Could you imagine having a relative die and then being responsible for the bonsai tree they raised for 70 years? That is an immense amount of pressure.

Future blog posts about the flower show will include me and my Mom in a photobooth and the return of miniature landscape design. I KNOW! I nearly burst into tears when I saw the miniatures this year I was so happy!

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