A Weekend of Miracles

This weekend was lovely, lovely, lovely. Relaxing (read: accidentally slept until 12:30 on Saturday morning), filled with lots of friends and laughing until near embarrassing bladder situation (OK not really, but you get the picture!).

Friday night I went to dinner with friends from college at The Meatball Shop. Have you heard of it? I found it through a blog I read (I legit cannot remember which one and I even searched...still no luck). We went to the Greenwich Avenue location, which just so happens to have a fun little bar right next store...a great place to spend the 90 minutes you will most likely have to wait for your table! Dinner was totally worth the wait AND the hostess texts you five minutes before your table is ready so you can start walking over (or close your tab) and then again once they're ready to seat you! High-five, Meatball Shop, that is excellent make people wait etiquette!

I would wager a guess and say that all five dinner goers would absolutely recommend that you grab your friends and walk your butt downtown ASAP. They have hundreds of mix-and match balls and sides to choose from and everything was delicious. I had the special of the day, chicken meatballs with Frank's RedHot (their take on a chicken wing, the waitress told me) with blue cheese sauce and the pear lemonade. We also each got an ice cream sandwich for dessert. If you go to The Meatball Shop, and the waitress says "leave room for dessert," you should listen to her, because she works there and I'm thinking she sees a lot of people who are too full (read: sad) from an excess of balls. What you see below is what you'll get...homemade cookie and homemade ice cream. Its really a win win. Another win? The five of us ate dinner and dessert for $96, which I think is relatively unheard of in NYC. Moral of this little Meatball synopsis? You should definitely go. 

Photo from here

Saturday I slept until 12:30 when Fiance called me from his out of town excursion. "You're still asleep?" he said. I wanted to tell him to shut the heck up...but I missed him and was happy he called so I did not. I was out until past midnight on Friday, which is unheard of post entry into real-life adulthood, so I was pooped! Saturday night a few of my girlfriends had dinner at a friend's new apartment. Apartment? Lovely. Dinner? Lovely. Dessert? MORE ice cream (see below)...Lovely.

The most lovely part you may ask? We watched a whole lot of DVR'ed OWN programming (do you watch? I did not until Saturday, but I think now that I might) AND a new show called "Billy on the Street" (on Fuse...did you even know that was still a channel? Because I did not). My friend Stephanie told me about the show a week ago and RAVED. I thought "How funny could this really be?". Lesson learned, I shall never doubt Stephanie again. We watched three episodes and literally laughed the entire time. I would highly recommend (this post has a lot of recommendations) that everyone watch it immediately. Stephanie would suggest so, too (click the link above!).

BEST part of Billy on the Street? A SEGMENT HE DID WAS TAPED ON MY BLOCK. Seriously. Four steps away from my office. New "I work in New York" Goal: Get on Billy on the Street. I am more determined to do this than I ever was to get into the Cash Cab, because even though the host of Cash Cab is totally adorable, I think I would pass out from laughter if I ever met Billy in real life. Billy was so awesome that we didn't get home until after 1:00am! That's twice in two days, people...MAJOR miracle.

Yesterday I had breakfast with friends and then drove to Brooklyn to visit my grandmother. We took down her Christmas tree, which involves putting what seems like hundreds of Swarovski snowflakes back into their designated boxes. Have you ever tried to do this? It is NO small task and toward the end you get the overwhelming desire to stab yourself if the eye with one of said ornaments. But we got them all in their boxes and put away! Yet another miracle! AND I successfully made macaroni and used the toaster oven to re-heat pizza for dinner.

All around, it was a lovely weekend filled with miracles! How was yours?

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