Hey, Friends!

I'm back?

After a summer of trips, cats, tattoo getting (I know!), Happy Hours and an arthritis flare to end all arthritis flares (I have arthritis, didn't ya know? More on that later), I've returned.

Also since the end of September, I've watched a full three and a half seasons of The Good Wife on Hulu. Its been a very productive use of time and I want my eyebrows to look like Julianna Margulies' but they just won't grow that beautifully...harumph.

We've had three weddings this Fall, and we've got another two coming down the line between now and Christmas! And we're headed out to the West Coast for vacation in two weeks on a trip we've been planning so long, it feels like we're never actually going to go.

And now a new paragraph because I haven't written in months and transitions are hard for me....

I made that scarf in that picture below! Want one? I may have an option for you to get one...stay tuned!

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things here (with maybe a little re-design?) soon. I've missed you guys (Dilly and Zula have, too!).

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