Home From Paradise

Fiance and I returned home this morning at about 9:30 after a very long journey...airport at 1:30am long. Our vacation was awesome and was definitely needed. And Dilly was so stinking excited to see us! Fiance called first pick-up in the airport (I was totally bummed) but then we took a four hour coma and she was all cuddly and awesome and I think she definitely likes me the most!

I took pictures but I'm attempting to decide between Photobucket and Snapfish (any opinions?) so I jacked some of the photos our friend took with his iPhone. (Please note that these pictures are proof positive that I need an iPhone ASAP).

This week in real life (and in blog life) is looking pretty exciting! A review of my first book of 2012 (Alice Hoffman's The Dovekeepers), yup! A return to work (less than exciting) and a return to commuting, you betcha! Dinner with friends on Friday (at the new Meatball Restaurant in the Village) AND on Saturday...heck yes.

And did I mention that my parents got a puppy while I was away? And that I'm meeting it on Wednesday? Holy crap...she is a cute puppy (even though she poops and pees everywhere except her wee-wee pads. Ew).

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