Book #4: Plan B

I finished Book #4 in the Year of 100 Books this morning on the train ride into work and I am happy to say it was much better than crap-tastic #3 was! Book #4 was Plan B by Jonathan Tropper...I'm giving it three out of five stars. This was my third Tropper book (I've read This is Where I Leave You and Everything Changes) but Plan B is Tropper's debut novel, published in 2000.

Plan B is the story of five friends from college who recently celebrated their 30th birthdays who discover that they are no closer to having the lives they thought they'd have by now than they were in college. The story is a little far-fetched in my opinion (Jack, the literal movie star of the group develops a cocaine addiction and his friends kidnap him to help him kick the habit)but the characters were likable and as with all of Tropper's book, Plan B was a page turner and a quick read.

I've got two more Tropper books to read The Book of Joe and How to Talk to a Widower and I'll definitely be reading them this year (I've got 96 more books to go). I'll have to buy them though, since it seems that no libraries carry Tropper's books. WHY libraries of New York City? He is awesome and I don't want to spend another $30 on two paperback books. Get on it, please and thank you.

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