Reasons to Love New York: The Weekend Edition

OK guys. Have you heard of The Brooklyn Flea? If you live in New York, you probably have as I seem to have been very behind the trend. But a few weeks ago, I was perusing one of my new favorite blog finds Nat the Fat Rat and she had this super duper fun post about The Brooklyn Flea . She had pictures of glasses and furniture and glass bottles and DEER HEADS! And I knew that I had to go.

So on Saturday, we went. Me, Fiance and our friends Steph and Becca drove/subway-ed our butts to Hanson Place. And friends, Brooklyn Flea did not disappoint.

See those glasses on the left? Second from the bottom? WHY won't they look nice on my face? I want them so badly to be my "fancy goin' out glasses" but they look ridiculous on me. I am destined to be un-hip forever.

I love me some old books. I had to physically restrain myself from buying all of these as Fiance and I do not have any nice book shelves yet. We plan on getting some, but only after we move in June. And who wants to buy beautiful old books, only to have to leave them in the closet? And then have to move them in June. Pssshh not me, I tell you. So in the Brooklyn Flea they remained. I will rescue them upon our arrival in our new home.

And the biggest development of our trip to the Flea? Fiance and I made a wedding decision! We want a type writer on our welcome table at our reception. It may not be a date or a venue but it is a decision none the less. The one I wanted though was $200 (not the one above) and I was not prepared to drop $200 when I don't even know what our color scheme is going to be. So back to the Flea we will have to go, clearly.

Photo courtesy of my friend, Steph 

And did you know there was food at the Brooklyn Flea? Because there is. Those are Asia Dogs that Steph and I basically could have eaten four of...each. The top one is Thai and the bottom is topped with kimchi. We restrained ourselves from eating more hot dogs though, because there were donuts. And not Dunkin' Donuts donuts. Big, dense, delicious donuts that we devoured so quickly (Lemon Poppy, Blood Orange, Brown Sugar and Dulce de Luce) that we didn't even take a picture of them.

Another Steph photo 

This is what remained. We don't mess've never seen us eat brunch, but lets just say it isn't pretty. All of this to say that The Brooklyn Flea is this week's Reason to Love New York.

After the Brooklyn Flea, we went to my Grandmother's house for a hysterical visit and dinner (seriously, we laughed a lot) and for some quality time with my puppy sister, Holly.

That's Fiance with her and ummm I think he loved her. Not liked her a little bit. Loved her! I know because when I said to him "Don't you just love her?" he said "Yup". You can't get much clearer than that.

And yesterday?  I sat on the couch and read with Dilly sleeping on my legs for more than two hours. In pajama pants. And it was stinkin' awesome.

AND I have off from work today! And so does Fiance! We plan on going to the gym and then going to Stop and Shop because they are having a Stock Up Sale (guys, Chobani yoguarts are on sale for $1!). Gosh, we are so exciting.

How was your weekend? Hope it was lovely, lovely, lovely!

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