Friends, I love the State of the Union Address. A lot. Except for last year when the beginning of the semester made me exhausted and I accidentally fell asleep. Whoops.

I also love Bingo (insert Grandma jokes here). In fat, we're a Bingo lovin' family...we even play it on Christmas Eve. What? Don't you play Christmas Eve Bingo? You probably should because it is awesome (most times).

This is how it works. My mom downloads "Christmas Bingo" sheets from the internet (because apparently there is a national cadre of weirdos who participate in this tradition). She also buys prizes which she puts in a big bag.

Then after Christmas Even dinner, "The Men" (read: my dad, uncle and grandfather who was still alive the last time we played) get up from the table and go inside to watch television...have I mentioned we're a family comprised of basically all women? Out come the Bingo cards and we (me, my sister, grandmother, aunts and two little cousins who are at this point 12) pick our cards, get a big pile of pennies (our ink blotter things) and get to it. My Mom acts as Bingo caller.

Then, someone wins. Let's just assume its me, OK? OK so I win! I have a whole row underneath the T in Santa (which is plastered across the top) that includes: stocking, present, reindeer and mistletoe. Everyone agrees that I won. HOORAY I won I get a prize! Except I do not. My cousins do. What gives, Mom? Clearly this is just a fluke so we play another game and 20 minutes later we have another winner, my Aunt! She calls out her list, everyone agrees that she has won and SURPRISE! Little cousins get a prize. Seriously this happens every year. Someone wins, cousins get prize. Cousin wins, cousins get TWO prizes. So disappointing, yet clearly we are the idiots as we continue to participate.

Despite my traumatic experience with Bingo (my cousins stealin' my Bingo Thunder), I still think I really love it. Which is why this morning when I heard that State of the Union Bingo was a thing, I nearly keeled over and died of excitement. I've been clicking around the internet for about 15 minutes, and I think this one below is my favorite because it includes the square "John Boehner shown misty-eyed" (which is also my absolute favorite).

I am currently trying to convince Fiance that we should forgo the gym tonight and invite our friends over to play. I'm not sure how he feels about Bingo though...I'm thinking that's something I should find out before we decide on a date for the wedding.

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