A Christmas Gift for Dilly

Fiance has a friend (let's call him Stan, to protect his identity) who he used to live with. Well, Fiance lived with a lot of people (hence the icky factor of his house sometimes) but Stan was one of them! Stan and Fiance played video games together a lot, and after they moved out in June, I think Fiance missed Stan a lot more than he let on.

Proof? Stan came to visit in November for Sidesgiving (Thanksgiving with friends sans Turkey...only sides, you see!). Fiance was thrilled but had to work when Stan arrived, so Stan and I watched TV and Stan watched me while I baked (because there are desserts for Sidesgiving, too!). When Fiance came home, Fiance and Stan reunited and they were so happy (bro happy, so not a lot of outward indication of joy, but I knew they were thrilled)! They played video game and I think there was a fast food run...I'm not really sure because I went to bed to give Stan and Fiance some alone time. I do know though, that there was much laughing, and that Fiance did not want to wake up at 9:30am when the Sidesgiving alarm went off and that when I went downstairs, there was fast food evidence!

Stan's visit was also awesome because he loved Dilly! I mean, a lot of people love Dilly (she's really good with strangers) but Stan loved her a lot. He played with her, and picked her up, and told her he was going to feed her to a goat. Which, if you know Stan, means ummmm he loves her!

Stan loved Dilly SO much that he sent her a Chistmas gift! A book called What's The Matter with Henry? The True Story of a Three-Legged Cat. It is awesome! Henry only has three legs and has a stump where his missing one is (which Dilly does not have, thankfully because I think that would creep me out).

The gist of the book is that he is awesome...a lot like Dilly (and her favorite Uncle Stan). Dilly hopes Stan comes to visit again soon (unless he brings a goat with him).

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