Book #7: Infidel

My friends, Book #7 was deep. So deep (and dense) it took me almost 10 whole days to read (plus or minus some sleepy train rides). Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Infidel has been on my To Read list every since I saw her two years ago on The Daily Show.

Infidel chronicles Hirsi Ali's life from her birth in Somalia through her years in Kenya, Medina and Ethiopa to the United States after a short tenure as a member of the Dutch Parliament. In addition to being a compelling personal memoir, Infidel  also serves to chronicle Ayaan's journey from devout Muslim to secular atheist.

Infidel was a powerful book and despite what seemed at points to be a slow slog, I'm definitely glad I finally got to it. At the end of the book though, I did wish that more time had been spent on her time in Parliament, the development of her film Submission, Part One and her relocation to the United States. At times, Hirsi Ali's writing was slow and seemed almost repetitive however overall I would say it is a must read for anyone interested in women's rights, religion and the process of refugees to become citizens. 

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