2 for 2: A Great Cause

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I've been a daily reader of Kelle Hampton's blog Enjoying the Small Things for almost two years. My Mom heard about her on Rosie O'Donnell's radio show after Kelle published her second daughter, Nella Cordelia's, birth story. Nella, little sister to Lainey, has Down Syndrome, a diagnosis that was unknown until her birth.

Kelle's blog gets some criticism in the blog-o-sphere, but I think she's great. She's got a ton of pizzaz, she throws a mean birthday party, and she takes great pictures of her adorable kids on the beach...and who doesn't need some good beach pictures in January (even if its not so freezing yet). She also has a sunny outlook on life (whether or not its contrived as some detractors claim) which I appreciate in a blog.

For Nella's first birthday the Hamptons established Nella's ONEder Fund with the hope of raising $15,000 for the National Down Syndrome Society...they raised more than $100,000. Nella's turning two at the end of January and yesterday Kelle detailed this years goal: 2 for 2...another $100,000, bringing the sum to $200,000 in two years.

I'm not a big pusher of causes. But Enjoying the Small Things (especially Nella) has touched my heart, and I think that if you click around the blog, she'll touch yours, too. I know a lot of the people who read Ummm Now What are recent graduates...first job have-ers, loan re-payers and the saving for Happy Hour crowd. I donated $5. $5! One and a half Trenta Iced Coffees from Starbucks (have I mentioned sometimes I drink the Trenta? That's BIGGER than a Venti. Sometimes work makes me tired).

So, won't you consider donating? $1? $3? Maybe $10? Click here to donate!

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