Book #6 and My Mom the Holiday Maker

Book #6 was awesome and after reading it, I am almost positive that Mindy Kaling and I would be BFFL (that's Best Friends for Life, for the men reading this blog). Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is written in exactly the way I think I would write a book (and how I write this blog). Kaling discusses totally miscellaneous group of thoughts ranging from: Karaoke Etiquette, I Am Not An Athlete, "Hooking Up" Is Confusing, In Defense of Chest Hair, and my personal absolute favorite: Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities (which any woman with a best friend will read and scream "OH MY GOD THAT IS SO TRUE!").

I read Tina Fey's Bossypants and I thought it was OK...I enjoyed it. But I didn't laugh like I thought I would. Kaling's book though, had me laughing from page one until the very end. In fact, last night I was sitting next to a real miserly man who glared at me for the entire 52 minute train ride because I laughed the whole time. He clearly needed some joy in his life, I should have handed over the book.

I don't watch The Office but I just might start now that I know Kaling writes it. Four Stars, Mindy Kalingh!

In other news, have I told you about my love of Valentine's Day? Well, I love it. I even loved it when I was perpetually single (that's right, Fiance is more or less the only person I've ever seriously dated). Why might I love a holiday you ask?

1. Everything is pink (and I love pink)
2. Chocolate
3. My Dad buys me Sephora makeup (clearly by this I mean my Mom goes to Sephora, picks something out and gives it to my Dad.  Though I think last year they might have gone together? I'll have to double check on that)
4. I love all holidays because my Mom decorates my home. Seriously. See photos below for proof

Basically every holiday decoration I own, I own because my Mom bought it for me. Tiny framed needle point with an owl that says "Fall" and sits in a tiny easel* (which I love so much is still on my hallway table in January)? My Mom bought it. Giant Halloween glittery sign that says "Ghosts" and "Ghouls"? My Mom bought it. Decorative Thanksgiving pillows (which Fiance hates, but I LOVE)? Yup, my Mom bought them. And now, she has solidified her reputation as holiday maker by giving me these Valentine's goodies! That rug is in front of my sink and has replaced my Snowman Christmas rug. Which she also bought me. She is the best and is obviously the ONLY reason my home has any seasonally appropriate cheer.

Thanks Mom!
*My mom just emailed me and asked for an amended blog post. She'd like everyone to know that she MADE the tiny owl needlepoint. She did NOT buy it.
End post.

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