I'm forgoing Embrace the Camera this Wednesday because life seems to have caught up with me a little bit this week and I had no time to snap a photo (or post yesterday...sorry!).

Just a quickie post today regarding the picture below.

I saw this advertisement on my train ride home last night. Did this show really happen? Did anyone watch it? I'm thinking I probablly would have loved it but I'm thinking that it most likely got canceled?* Does anyone know for sure?

Also...I can't find TV Land on my television. Sadness. 

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing a post with the title "One of the Most Offensive Things". How excited are you? I know how to keep you on the edge of your seats here at Ummm Now What!
*AMENDMENT: My very good friend (and loyal reader) just told me that NO this gem has not been canceled. Paul, you are the bee's knees.   

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