Embrace the Camera: Being a Grown-Up is Hard

Guys, being a grown up is hard. Real hard. Last night I didn't get home from work until almost 9:00pm and this is what I looked like upon my return. I'm surprised Dilly didn't look at me and say "Mom, you look a hot mess." Yet not surprised at all because she's a cat and you know...she can't speak.

Work is a little nuts this week. And by "a little," I mean my office-mate said the my boss last night "I'm going to come into work tomorrow in my sweatpants!"* and he said "OK." Not "Ehhhh you and Kate are both still kind of new here, maybe you should wait a full 6 months before failing to wear real pants to the office." Nope. He fully supported fake-pants wearing in the office because we're all going a little nuts-o. Fiance works 16 hour days two days a week, and I'm not really sure how he functions, let alone wears pants to his office.

And for dinner last night? Pssh, I'm so glad you asked! I ate an ice cream sandwich. Which in my opinion is a pretty balanced meal. I then got into bed and and attempted to make it to The Daily Show...and failed miserably.

So friends, this week's Embrace the Camera is brought to you by 12 hour days at the office, my running out of contact lens solution (what's up, glasses?), and my desperate desire to find dinner left-overs in the microwave like when I lived with my parents.

Being a grown-up makes me tired.

*Note: she did not wear sweatpants to work today. 

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