Our Weekend in Photos

This week was hard. Work late every night, burst into tears at your desk on Thursday, student worker felt bad for me and bought my coworker and me frozen yogurt, hard.

This weekend was the exact remedy that I needed.

Friday night, I went to my friend Stephanie's  for dinner and drinks (mmm macaroni!) and it true Kate/Steph fashion decided that we needed to go to Target for drink ingredients (note: we actually meant to go to 7-Eleven and drove past it). No trip to Target is complete without a quick (read: 15 minute minimum) detour to the shoe section and holy crap, my Target got a SHOE CLEARANCE SECTION. I got two pairs of shoes for less than $15. Seriously. I was elated...you can ask Steph, who may have wanted to smack me because I kept talking about my new shoes.

Then we went back to her place and hung out with her roommate and friend and I laughed more than I had the entire week. It was so lovely and absolutely needed.

Guys, seriously. $15!
Saturday morning it was snowing in the metro area and I had a serious hankering for some pancakes. Only problem? We had no pancake mix. So even though I woke up at 9:30, at 11:00 I cozied on up and fell back asleep, resigned to the fact that there would be no pancakes. An hour later, Fiance woke me up and I walked downstairs to find these on the table. 

Those are chocolate chip pancakes made from scratch. With caramelized bananas. Tell me Fiance is not the best future husband ever? Quote:
Fiance: "Too bad we're engaged alread"
Me: "Why?
Fiance: "Because this would be a really great way to woo a girl"
Note: homemade pancakes are much more dense than those from mix! 
After breakfast, we decided it was time to see if Dilly liked the snow (because who DOSN'T put their cat in the snow?). She did not. This picture is from before Fiance put her in it. Once she was out there, he couldn't even snap a picture she was moving so fast back to the door of the apartment.

What? Don't you have hot pink, sparkly, fuzzy slippers?
Brrrrrr it was cold! 
We cleaned a little bit on Saturday and then we braved the snow to go see Sherlock Holmes Two and go to Chiles with friends! The movie was great and so were the Sangritas we had. Have you had Sangritas? Margaritas AND Sangria. Seriously awesome.
Love me some chips and salsa

On Sunday, Fiance and I had to go food shopping. We also made the executive decision that Dilly needed some new toys. Her favorite stick toy broke a few months ago, and we tied some yarn around it which has worked OK...but seriously, the time had come to pony up for some kitty presents. She also takes all of my crocheting yarn...she needed some new fun treats.

$60 later, she had new toys. A mat that lights up when she stands on it for "the cat with a sudden burst of energy when owners want to sleep" (so says the box)? She got it. And this little gem...a magnetic ladybug that flys around its stand. She hasn't really gotten the hang of it (see biting of toy) but I think she'll like is soon enough!

How was your weekend? I hope it was fantastic!

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