Embracing The Camera?

I don't know if you've picked up on this yet, but I read blogs. A lot of blogs. I have a Bloglovin account and every morning I sign in and click my way around the whole wide country. A lot of the blogs (for some strange reason) are what the blog-o-sphere calls "Mommy Blogs". I'm not sure why (as I have no children) but they make me happy and sometimes, strangers' kids are real cute.

I also really like Mommy Blogs because they have great ideas for posts! Like What I Wore Wednesday (which I haven't done yet) or Embrace the Camera...which I'm doing today! OK, OK, the point of Embrace the Camera is to get Moms to take pictures of themselves with their kids and not just of their kids. And yes I have no kids (unless you count Dilly). But I say for a newbie blogger such as myself, it is always wonderful to have a little inspiration to get you going.

So I present to you, loyal and faithful blog readers (or maybe some new people because Blogger is telling me that there are some of you out there, hi, hi, hi!) I present to you my very first Embrace the Camera!

Did I mention that my parents got a puppy? While I was away in Puerto Rico? One minute you're laying on the beach and the next minute Fiance is yelling to you to come talk to your sister who has called his phone (because yours has died). You get on the phone and your sister is screaming "WE GOT A PUPPY" and you actually think something terrible has happened because the screaming plus the words "we got a puppy" plus your parents literally does not compute in your brain. Look how confused I am in that picture!

But they got one. Her name is Holly (I was pushing for Roxy, but no one really jumped on board) and she is a Havanese and she is 12 weeks old and weights four pounds. I met her last week (see photo) and she is awesome.

We don't know much about dogs, my family (we have had exactly two kinds of pets: hermit crabs and fish) but I think the general consensus is that she's a great dog. She doesn't bite, she doesn't beg, and she doesn't cry or bark (my Mom said she cried once at night but then she put one of my sister's dirty socks in her crate and Holly went right to sleep...ew). She does lick faces though, which is kind of gross but I guess she's a puppy so its OK.

She is tiny, and she likes to snuggle and you can hold her up over your head like you are presenting baby Simba to the world...our your grandmother's kitchen (details, people). I get to see her again this Saturday (Fiance is also getting an iPhone on Friday, so I'm sure there will be a lot of pictures).

Dilly might be getting a sister when we move in June. Stay tuned for further developments.

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