Five Years Later: A Puzzle Victory

Four months after Fiance and I started dating (February 2008) we went on a date to the Brooklyn Aquarium in Coney Island. Fiance swears he told me he wanted to take me there on our first date and that I said no. I don't remember that at all, but regardless in February he finally took me. Well, I took him because at that point in our relationship Fiance didn't drive.

Anyway, it was a great day! It had snowed and the beach was all snowy and pretty. And after it was over I made a whole album on Facebook called "John and Kate Plus Lots of Fish". Ugh geeze, I was so witty you guys!

Sometimes I forget that five years is kind of a long time. But then I look at pictures like this and think "holy goodness, we look like babies!"

At the end of our date we hit the aquarium gift store and bought a (I'm sure over priced) 200 piece puzzle. "This will be fun to do one night" we said. Obviously we were dorks even five years ago.

We never did that puzzle...maybe we were too busy drinking too much? Or worrying about graduate school? Or moving a million times? Or getting a three legged cat? These past five years sure have been busy...

But this Friday night we stayed in and don't ya know, we did that puzzle. And we learned that Fiance is a competitive puzzle put together-er. Which is surprising because I am the competitive one. We also learned that I am terrible at puzzles.

Five years later, we had a puzzle victory! Now its sitting on our kitchen table still put together. I'm thinking we should put it away and do it again in another five years. I WILL BE 30. Do 30 year olds have time to do puzzles?

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