A Mini Monday Post!

Just a Mini Monday post this morning, as today kind of snuck up on me. As did April...whoops did not mail rent until this morning! UGH, adulthood you are hard.

This weekend we slept forever on Saturday (too many margaritas at Happy Hour on Friday...drink pounder I am no longer, apparently) and then went to see The Hunger Games. I was less than impressed (I loved, loved, loved the books) and am giving it a weak C+.

Friends, I really need a manicure. Please excuse my cuticles.

Yesterday, we went to my grandmother's for Palm Sunday (did you know Palm Sunday is a big holiday in my family? Because it is) and had delicious dinner and a lovely day.

My Mom was on her game (guys, we had raviolis and bacon gravy. Have you had bacon gravy? It is basically my favorite kind of Sunday dinner and I almost had to roll Fiance home). We picked up Alyssa at school to drive her to Nanny's and one of my favorite trees was in bloom! So I took a picture.

Happy Monday to you and you and you!

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