Book #8: My Life in a Harem

I was hoping to post earlier today, but I didn't finish book #8 Some Girls: My Life in a Harem until the train ride home tonight.

My Life in a Harem has been on my To Read list for a year or so, after I found it on my Amazon Recommendations (I'll have you know I thought the title was "My Life in Harlem"...super wrong) and then I saw Jillian Lauren on CNN last month promoting her new book Pretty. I decided then that it would be my January book for the Bestie Book Exchange (have I not told you about BBE? More to come on that later).

Lauren, adopted as a baby from Chicago by a Jewish family in New Jersey, details her early departure to college, her subsequent drop-out, and the strange tale of how she ended up as a harem girl for Price Jefri of Brunei (abbreviated version: stripper to escort to harem girl).

Lauren's tale is most definitely a page turner and at some point will really make your skin crawl. In certain points of the book, Lauren is not particularly likable...but I think she makes up for that through her story telling.

In the epilogue, Lauren talks about the international fall-out that befell Prince Jefri in the late 1990s after a former Miss USA accused him of holding her captive in his country. Whatever you do, do NOT google anything about him at'll get some images that are not suitable for work viewing. Or anywhere, really.

Book #9 here I come!

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