Memorial Day Weekend & A Blogging Hiatus

Memorial Day was so great!

Fiance and I left the house at about 9:00AM on Saturday morning and I drove us to Connecticut!

When we were almost there, my Aunts called and told us to meet them in Litchfield for lunch. OK! Don't gotta ask us twice!

Near the restaurant, we saw this deer in an antique shop. I told Fiance I though we should get it, so he went to check the price tag. $12,000 guys! Not $120 or even $1200, both of which I might have paid. $12,000! Antique seekers in Litchfield are clearly very serious about their deer.

After lunch, we drove to their house and then my parents and Alyssa arrived and we started a typical visit for us: accidental naps and a whole lot of time spent around the kitchen and/or dining room table.

My Aunts have had this house for what seems like my whole live (even though I think I was 12 when they bought it) and it is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.

We went shopping on Saturday and I sat in the trunk all the way to and from our stops (Target, Panera, Famous Footwear). I had to sit sideways because station wagon trunks are made for children and for the first time EVER I was too tall for something.

We also spent some time by the pool and I took these great pictures of Fiance and Alyssa!

And Alyssa, my Aunt and I went running on Saturday morning! Alyssa is five weeks behind me in the program, so she took this picture of me...I'm under those trees!

These are some other things I saw on my run...super different than the treadmill at the gym!

Fiance and I got home last night and guys, Dilly was shedding EVERYWHERE! Fiance says its because it was hot this weekend but I've never had a pet before so I'm not too sure. What I DO know is that I fur-minated her and this is what came off of her. She is so gross!

And now for my blogging hiatus...


That's not totally true, we cleaned out our utility closet last night pre-Dilly brushing and we packed about six boxes. But the packing we have to do the rest of the week is totally going to cramp my blogging style, and I cannot promise a very reliable presence here.

Don't worry though, I'll take lots of pictures so that you can experience the moving process (because I know you are so interested)! For now though, I'll leave you this picture of Dilly. She is so confused an unimpressed by moving but boy oh boy, does she love boxes!

Wish us luck!

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