Children with Tattoos

On Saturday night after the beach, we decided that we wanted to eat quesadillas for dinner. Upon entering the grocery store to get supplies for said quesadillas, we also decided that we must eat guacamole with our quesadillas (because when have you ever wanted to eat quesadillas without guacamole?).

Brian and I made our way to the produce section and proceeded to touch every avocado. I always forget the rules for avocados! How mushy is mushy enough and how mushy is bad? How big are they suppose to be? Is brown a better color than green? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY AVOCADO OPTIONS?

Anyway, we finally picked two avocados and put them in our shopping basket. As we were walking to the check-out though, I saw something more confusing than a pile full of avocados...a six year old with an arm full of tattoos.

How strange right? A little searching on Google gave me these pictures. The one in the photo above doesn't look too real, but I swear the kid who I saw on Saturday had one that was the exact same shade as his skin! And he was pushing his baby sister around in a stroller which made me seriously ask myself if I was seeing things.

I actually asked myself "Why does the six year old have a baby?" and "Why does this adult with tattoos look like a six year old in not only stature but HE CLEARLY STILL HAS HIS BABY THEETH!" Then I saw a tiny little seam on his wrist and realized that PHEW I was not crazy, his mother was because she probably bought the tattoo sleeve for him.

In case you want to confuse shoppers in your local grocery store, you can use the link below that photo and buy them from Etsy for only $17! I think it might be a good investment for grocery store laughs!

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