Books # 23 & #24

Chugging right along here in the Year of 100 Books, friends! I would like to say though, that I get like half the number of views (thanks, Blogger for rubbing it in) when I make these posts. Geeze, blog readers! My feelings are only a little hurt, I guess.

Book #23 was Hilary Winston's My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me. Steph loaned it to me because I loved Mindy Kaling's book so much. Winston's account of dating in Los Angeles is not nearly as funny as Kaling's account of womanhood, but it was decent. I also totally identified with her self proclaimed cat lady-ness and I will admit here and now that I cried while reading the epilogue that included the death of her cat (SPOILER ALERT!). Tears on my morning commute! And if you Google, you can find out who her boyfriend is...maybe his book will go on my list for the rest of the year.

Book #24 was Pete Dexter's Paris Trout which was published the year I was born! And which I just found out was made into a movie in 1991...Goggle you guys...super helpful!

Set in Cotton Point, Georgia Dexter's book tells the story of Paris Trout who was originally a respected member of his community but who ends up on trial for murder.

I loved the characters in this book, and even though some points were slow I'm still giving it four stars because of Harry Seagraves and Hana (Nile) Trout. I'm debating about the watching the movie this weekend...has anyone seen it?

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