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Hello there, friends! Fiance and I are almost all settled into our new home and HALLELUJAH we finally have internet, thank you baby Jesus!

I have missed you terribly in my week away and have been itching to share this fabulous dinner experience we had about two weeks ago.

With out further ado...the most glorious dinner experience ever. 

Where: Momofuku Noodle Bar (171 1st Avenue NYC)

What: $100 fried chicken dinner (bring 4-8 people, its still $100)

What do you get for $100? Two fried chickens (southern fried and double fried Korean style), vegetable and herb basket, four sauces, and mu shu pancakes. Just so you know,the basket, sauces and pancakes are unlimited. I know you're looking at those vegetables in the pictures below and thinking "Pssh Kate! Why would I want to eat these silly vegetables if I have two fried chickens?" The answer is because they are delicious. Please trust me...do not shun the vegetables.

You need to make a reservation to eat the fried chicken and not just a regular reservation! Its a specific fried chicken reservation and they only do them at certain times each night. We booked for 5:30 and when we arrived at 5:25, the door was locked with a sign that read "Will open for dinner at 5:30". All of these people were waiting too!

We ordered a kimchi jar and an order of the seven spice chips, because we didn't really understand the amount of food we would be getting (do you know I love anything and everything that comes in jars?).

 Then the chicken came.

Seriously the most food I have ever seen. We only went with two other people (shout out to Shannon for bringing us!) and we needed at least six. Probably eight. We barely made a dent and our friends went home with a bag full of leftovers (we were off to Connecticut the next morning, so none for us).

This is how you discard your bones and used napkins.

And this is what Fiance and I look like full of chicken. You should all probably get on the phone now and start making reservations...I'll be awaiting your invitation!

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